The School of Economics has established a complete academic system and had staff with strong research capability. Among the subjects owned by the school, western economics is national key subject. Both theoretical and applied economics are key first-level subjects in Hubei province. There are two post-doctoral research station in theoretical economics and applied economics. The school has master and doctor degree conferring authority in the first-level subjects----theoretical economics, applied economics, and statistics, including 16 second-level subjects. The school has two professional master degree programs in Finance and International Business, and six bachelor degree majors in Economics, Finance, Financial Engineering, International Economics and Trade, International Business and Statistics.

The School of Economics has nearly 20,000 graduates in the past 30 years, most of them are playing active roles in governments, businesses, universities and research institutes. Among which there is so-called "Economist Group graduating from HUST". There are 1062 full-time undergraduates,386 graduates, and 157 PhD students. Among them there are 5 foreign bachelor students, 41 master students and 19 doctoral students.