I. Educational Objectives

1. To be knowledgeable in Western Economics in both fundamental and systematic theory;

2. To have a very good moral in scientific research; to be strict, truth seeking, creative and progressive in a scientific way;

3. To be capable of doing research independently in the field;

4. To be able to use computer in a proficient way; to master modern mathematical analysis methods;

5. To have a good command of a foreign language to proficiently read professional books in the field and write academic papers with the foreign language;

6. To be qualified in teaching, researching and doing economic management in the field;

II. Main Research Fields

1. International Trade            2. World Economy

3. Finance (including Insurance)    4. Quantitative Economics

5. Industrial Economics          6. Regional Economics

7. Western Economics           8. Development Economics

III. Length of Schooling and Credits

Three years’ study is usually required for full time PHD candidates. Excellent students are encouraged to finish their studies earlier.

Total credits ³ 40 , covering course credits ³ 21 and research credits ³ 19,distributed as follows:

Total Credits

≥ 40 credits

Courses Credits


General courses :6 credits

(1)Pass Chinese Language examination of the University or HSK Band 3 (4 credits)

(2)A Survey of China: 2 credits(candidates from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan are exempted from this course)

Basic courses ≥ 9 credits【including Microeconomics(3)、Macroeconomics(3)、     Econometrics(3)】

Courses in specialty ≥ 4 Credits

Trans-discipline course ≥2 Credits

Research Credits


Literature review and Thesis Proposal  1 credit

Interim Report  1 credits

Academic Paper published   1 credit

Academic lecture , 1 credit

Degree thesis  15 credits

To refer to the course arrangment of Economics.

V. Thesis

Thesis shall meet the requirement of the University regulations.