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Academic Areas: Development Economics (Industrialization and Structural Change,Industrialization and Agricultural Modernization, Industrialization and Urbanization ( i.e. Migration and Employment of Rural Surplus Labor Force ), Issues in China's Agricultural Modernizati

Research Interests:

Academic Degrees:   

PhD of Economics, School of Economics, Wuhan University, Sept., 1992~Nov., 1996.

Master of Economics, Department of Economics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Sept., 1985~July.,1988.

Bachelor of Economics, Department of Social Science, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, May., 1977~May, 1980.

Professional Experience:

May 1980 to Oct 1985, Department of Social Science, University of Science and Technology (HUST)

Aug.,1988 to Aug, 1992, The Research Center for Economic Development, HUST    

Dec., 1996 to present, Faculty Member of School of Economics, HUST 

Specializing in teaching and research. Granted associate professorship in June, 1992. Approved Qualification of Supervisor for master program students in June 19933. Granted Professorship in June 2002. Approved Qualification of Supervisor for PhD program students in May 2003.

Nov.,1999 - March 2000, Visiting Scholar in The Research Centre for China's Economics,University of Duisburg, Germany. 

June 2001 - Sept., 2001, Vacation Visiting in The Institute of Applied Philosophy, University of Melbourne, Australia.

Aug. 2004 –Aug., 2005, Fulbright Scholar in Department of Agricultural and Resources Economics in UC Berkeley, USA.


Selected Publication:

1. Wang, X.. A Study on Absorption of Surplus Labor in Rural China. Journal of Huazhong University

  of Science and Technology(Social Science Edition),1989, No.2.

2. Wang, X.. Industrialization and Agricultural Modernization: A Main Subject of Development

  Economics.  Jianghan Tribune, 1994, No.4.

3. Wang, X.. The Comment for the Theory of Dualism of Economy. Economic  Perspectives, 1998,No.1.

4. Wang, X.. The Path for Progressive of Agricultural Technology and the Use of Rural Labor Force.

  Economic Review,1998,No.1.

5.Wang, X.. A Comparative Study on the Unemployment in DCs vs. LDcs. Journal of Huazhong

      University of Science and Technology(Social Science Edition). 2000, No.4.

6. Wang,X., Li, P.. On the Compensation for the Interest of the Farmers Based on the Analysis of

  Policy  Implementation off "Returning Farmland to Forest" and "Forbidden Felling Trees" .

   Reform, 2001, No.3.

7. Wang, X., Tian, Z.. A Study on the Uncertainty and Its Effects in Population Migration. Chinese

  Rural Economy,2001, No.7.

8. Wang, X., Li, J.. The Empirical Study on the Relation of China's Education and Agricultural Development.

  China Rural Survey, 2004, No.4.

9. Wang, X., Yang, T.. Finance for SMEs and Relationship Lending. Wuhan Finance, 2004, No.8.

10. Wang, X.. Constrains of Time and Space for Tax Reform of Hong Kong and Mainland China.

  Economic Highlights, 2006,8,4.

11.Wang, X., Wang, H..An Economic Analysis of Changes of Social Capital in Rural China. Fujian Tribune

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12. Wang, X., Chen, J.. On the Estimate of Scale of China's Capital Flight. Economic  Perspectives,

  2013, No. 6

13.Wang, X., Wang, A., Wang, Y.. Chin's Urbanization and Employment in City for Rural Surplus Labor.

  Fujian Tribune, 2015, No.9.

14. Wang,X., Zhang, X.. China's Urbanization: Predicament and Solution --- An Empirical Study on

  Income, Employment, and Professional Education. Research on Development, 2016, No. 1.


Courses Taught

(1)Development Economics (taught in Chinese for undergraduate,graduate, Ph.D. candidate, and in English for international graduate students)

(2)Political Economy(taught in Chinese for undergraduate)

(3)Principles of Economics (taught in Chinese and English for undergraduate not majored in economics

(4)International Marketing (taught in Chinese for continuing educatees)


   1.(1)美国国务院Fulbright Foundation 资助项目. US Financial Support System for Agricultural Modernization. 2004. 资助金额:US$ 30,000.
(2)德国Peter Koelockner Foundation 资助项目. Public and Private Approaches 
to Enterprises’ Developmemt : A Sino-German Comparative Studiy.1999. 资助金额:D..M. 18,000.
(3)国家社科基金项目. 西方国家的工业化与工业化进程中的中国农业.1996.
(4)国家社科基金项目. 农业产业组织、技术进步与农业剩余劳动力转移之关系
研究. 2001.(资助经费:5.2万元,代号:01BJL003,排名第二.)The National Social Sciences Fund Project entitled “DCs' Industrialization and the Agriculture in the Process of China's Industrialization” (96BjL018) (participants ranking number two)

2.The National Social Sciences Fund Project entitled “The Relationship between Industrial Organization of Agriculture, Technological Progressive and the Transference of Rural Surplus Labor in China” (01BJL03) (participants ranking number two)

3.Peter Koelockner Foundation Project entitled "Public and Private Approaches to Enterprises' Development: A Sino-German Comparative Study" (1999-2000)

4. Fulbright Foundation Project entitled "US Financial Support System for Agricultural Modernization"(2004-2005) 

(1)美国国务院Fulbright Foundation 资助项目. US Financial Support System for Agricultural Modernization. 2004. 资助金额:US$ 30,000.
(2)德国Peter Koelockner Foundation 资助项目. Public and Private Approaches 
to Enterprises’ Developmemt : A Sino-German Comparative Studiy.1999. 资助金额:D..M. 18,000.
(3)国家社科基金项目. 西方国家的工业化与工业化进程中的中国农业.1996.
(4)国家社科基金项目. 农业产业组织、技术进步与农业剩余劳动力转移之关系
研究. 2001.(资助经费:5.2万元,代号:01BJL003,排名第二.)

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