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Academic Areas: Microeconomics, New Institutional Economics

Research Interests:



B.A. Degree in Economics, Fudan University, Shanghai, China,1984.

M.A. Degree in Economics, Fudan University, Shanghai, China, 1987.

Ph.D Degree in Economics, Wuhan University, Wuhan, China, 1992.


Overseas Visiting and Training 


Research Associate at School of Economics and Finance, the University of Hong Kong, 1997-1998


Research Interests 

Microeconomics, New Institutional Economics, Chinese Economy


Working Experiences


1987-1991: Assistant of economics at The Centre of Research for Economic Development, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), China   

1991-1993: Lecture of The Centre of Research for Economic Development, HUST, China

1993-1996: Associate Professor of economics at School of Economics, HUST, China

1996-presnet: Professor in economics at School of Economics, HUST, China


Representative Research Books 


1. Microeconomics, 2003, 2011, by the Publishing House of Capital University of Economics and Business

2. New Institutional Economics, 2010 by the Publishing House of Dongbei University of Finance and Economics

3. Microeconomics, 2013 by Tsinghua University Press


Representative Research Papers 


1. Zhang, Weidong, 1992: Some Thoughts on the Employment of China from the View of Equity and Efficiency, Jianghuai Tribune(1)  

2. Zhang Weidong, 1994: The Determinants of Peasants’ Income: An Analysis, Economist (China)
3.Zhang Weidong, 1998: Where Will Go the Reform of Property Rights at State-owned Enterprises? Economic Journal, Hong Kong

4. Zhang Weidong and Wu Jianjun, 2006: Mechanism Design for SOPR Transfer: Based on Firm- Employee Contract Choice, Journal of Xhongnan University of Economics and Law (2) 

5.Wang Hai and Zhang Weidong, 2007: On the Mechanism of Auctioning the SOE in China with the Constraint of Accommodating Employees, Economic Research Journal (10)

6.Zhang Weidong and Wang Hai, 2007: An Empirical Research on the Effects of Environmental Policy on Economic Growth and Pollution in China, China Soft Science (12)

7.Xiong Guangqin and Zhang Weidong, 2008: The Assets Lose with ‘ an Integral Whole’ Exchange Mode of State-Owned Property Rights and the Countermeasures, Reform of Economic System (1)

8.Da Fengyuan and Zhang Weidong, 2009: The Non-market Transaction Costs Change and Estimation in China from 1978 to 2007: An Indirect Measurement Based on the MIMIC Model, Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics(8) 

9.Zhang Weidong and Zhao Cheng, 2012: The Expansion of “Structural Variables” and the Institutional Reform, Study and Practice(10)

10. Zhang Weidong: The Implications of Transferability for Resource Allocation: the Case of Rural Land in China, Workshop on Institutional Analysis, Berkely, California, September 9-13, 2011, The Ronald Coase Institute  


Representative Research Project

1. National Funds Program for Social Science: The Pricing Mechanism of Property Rights Exchange for State-owned Enterprises, 2005 (05BJL025)

2.Social Science Program of  Education Department: Labor Relations and Income Distribution at Present Time in China, 2011 (11YJA790210)


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