International Students of School of Economics Winning HUST “Outstanding Volunteers”: This is the Warmth from HUST

On October 19, the awarding ceremony for volunteers of orientation program of international studentswas held successfully by International Student Office.Two international studentsof School of Economics, MOHAMED OUEDRAOGO and FIINA NAAMBO LIKONDWA AMUKWA won “Outstanding Volunteers” in the awarding ceremony. Both of them were admitted in 2017, and at that time they received help from volunteers. This year, they becamevolunteers of orientation program of international studentsand continue to make new students feel warm in HUST.

MOHAMED OUEDRAOGO:Full of Energy to Help Others

Before this interview, MOHAMED just finished a one-day academic conferenceand was consulting its related content. Fatigue was in his bright eyes, but when it came to the experience of being volunteers, energy came back.

Being a PhD student, MOHAMED is very busy with academic conferences, research and papers in daily life. Although being obsessed with such a busy life, he is still willing to be a helpful volunteer. MOHAMED recalled at the very beginning in China, he felt very helpless and lost, and it was the volunteers who gave his guidance, support and warmth in HUST. He is very grateful to those volunteers and also, he would like to transfer the help. Thus, in this year, MOHAMED shared his own experience with new students, reminded them of some problems that they might be faced with in China, and made them feel warm in HUST.

What impressed MOHAMED most in his volunteer experience was that after he once helped a girl from India, this girl’s parents held his hands and expressed gratitude to him deeply. MOHAMED was very surprised, because he thought what he did is not of very importance, but he was still very delightful that he can help others. In MOHAMED’s eyes, everyone is not only an individual but also a member of society. We can be friends or family members, and we can care and help each other. MOHAMED mentioned although you are occupied with many things and intend to do many things, you are still supposed to try your best to help others. If someone ever helped you, what you can do is to transfer your gratitude to the energy of helping others. In the future, you may encounter someone that you helped before in corners of the world.

MOHAMED has been studied in School of Economics for one year, and during this period, he has known many excellent teachers and students, also made a lot of good friends. He thought Chinese students are friendly but a little bit shy, so his Chinese friends are very limited. He hopes to make some Chinese friends later and when he returns to his country, he can introduce his Chinese friends to his family.

MOHAMED thinks there is infinite opportunities for him in the future. He knows he can get many chances in China, but he still wants to go back to his motherland. He is eager to devote himself to the development of his country.

FIINA NAAMBO LIKONDWA AMUKWA: Deliver Friendliness and Goodwill

FIINA NAAMBO LIKONDWA AMUKWA, a junior from School of Economics, was born in Namibia. She ever studied in University of Namibia and then went to China to pursue further education.As a student majoring in economics, she shows interest in learning about Chinese economy.

When it came to her volunteer experience, FIINA said it was the second time that she participated in it. It gave her chances to meet different people with different nationalities, and was fulfilling to help someone in need. In this semester, FIINA helped a freshman from America, and was deeply impressed by his positive attitude toward the coming campus life. When he arrived here, he was so excited and ready for everything around. During the voluntary time, FIINA offered to answer new students’ questions about HUST, leaded them the way to their apartment and canteens, and showed them around. Besides, she was in charge of photocopy places, and supplied papers to the copy machine. FIINA was very careful to explain how to use the machine correctly. However, sometimes there were sometechnical problems she cannot settle down, and then other volunteers would come to her and give her a hand.FIINA was greatly moved and impressed by the teamwork and the strong bond between them. At present, she still keeps in touch with them. Recalling on the first time she came here, FIINA can vividly remember how she got support from her Chinese volunteer, Meng, who helped her on the registration procedures, such as photo taking and doing the paperwork. Meng inspired her to devote herself to voluntary work. That's the delivery of goodwill.

Recalling on the first time she arrived in HUST, FIINA canstill vividly describehowshe got support from her Chinese volunteer, Meng, who helped her on the registration procedures, such as photo taking and doing the paperwork. Meng’ warm-hearted help inspired her to devote herself to voluntary work. That's the delivery of goodwill and friendliness.

During the first yearinHUST, FIINA feels great to be here. She hardly thinks about the differencesamongstudents from various countries. FIINA always keeps an optimistic attitude, and shows great interest in learning." Don't let them change you." It's her slogan on her WeChat homepage, displaying her determination to be rational. FIINA considers it as a personal reminder to stay focused. When she encounters distractions on the way to the goalorsomeone who are rude and mean, FIINAwould try to insist in herself." I should keep being happy and kind to others", she said. One year left in HUST, FIINA faces making a choice between staying in China and going back to her homeland. FIINA said that if she can get a chance of one or two-year internship or job in China, she might choose to stay here. FIINA also plans to pursue a PhD degree in Namibia for further education. No matter where she's going, it's believed thatherkindness and endeavor will pay back.





谈及志愿者的经历,令杜奥印象最深的是,有一次在帮助一个来自印度的女生安顿好,了解过学校环境后,女生的父母亲切地拉起他的手向他道谢并说“你真是个很好的人,我们真的很感激你”,尽管杜奥认为他只是做了他力所能及的小事,还是很惊喜,并因为可以通过自己的力量帮助到别人而感觉到开心。在杜奥看来,人生活在这个世上,不仅仅是一个个体,更是社会里的一部分。我们是朋友,是亲人,我们需要去关心他们,帮助他们。“尽管你会很忙,尽管有很多需要做的事情,你依旧要尽自己所能去帮助他人。如果曾有人帮助过你,那么你能做的就是将这份感激转化为帮助别人的力量并将它传递下去。而将来,或许在这个美洲、亚洲、欧洲 或是世界上的其他角落,可以遇到自己曾帮助过的人。”那这对杜奥来说绝对是非常美好的经历。