Chen Bo


Phone: 27-18018510531


Academic Areas: International Trade, Economic Integration, China’s Economy

Research Interests:


09/2003-11/2008 Ph.D. in Economics Simon Fraser University (SFU)

09/ 2002-03/2003 M.A. in Economics York University

09/ 2000-06/2002 M.A. in Financial Economics Huazhong University of Science

&Technology (HUST)

09/1996-06/2000 B.A. in Economics (with Honors) HUST

Academic Position

08/2016-present Professor Huazhong University of

Science & Technology (HUST)

07/2014-07/2016 Associate Professor Shanghai University of Finance

and Economics (SHUFE)

07/2008-06/2014 Assistant Professor Shanghai University of Finance

and Economics

Other Positions

04/2007-present Director Center for Open Development

Economics, HUST

06/2013-present Secretary-General Research Institute on Shanghai

Free Trade Zone, SHUFE

08/2010-present Vice President and Secretary-Gen. China trade Research Group

06/2012-present Research Associate Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

09/2012-present Research Consultant Pacific Economic Cooperation



Invited Lecturer, “Cross Culture Business in China”, to EMBA of Salzberg University;

Trade Variety and Productivity: A New Perspective of Trade Liberalization andEconomic Development”, to senior officials from 79 countries invited by Ministry of

Commerce (MOFCOM), P.R.C.; The SINO-US Economic Relationship, to MBA of

Northeastern University (USA)

Instructor, Advanced Empirical Trade (Ph.D. level), Business Microeconomics (Undergrad

Level), SIBA

Instructor, Int’l Finance, Int’l Trade, Intermediate Microeconomics, SFU

Research Fields

International Trade, Economic Integration, China’s Economy

Research Papers


1. “Revisiting the Effective Rate of Protection in the Late Stages of Chinese

Industrialization”, (with David Jacks and Hong Ma), Forthcoming in the World

Economy (SSCI).

2. Bo Chen (with Yao Li and Yuming Yin) “FDI, Industry Heterogeneity, and

Employment Elasticity in China”, (with Yao Li and Yuming Yin), Review of Development

Economics(SSCI), Vol.20(1), pp189-200, 2016.

3. “Measuring China’s Trade Liberalization: A Generalized Measure of Trade

Restrictiveness Index.” (with Hong Ma and Yuan Xu), Journal of Comparative Economics

(SSCI),Vol.(42), pp 994-1006, 2014.

4. “Analyzing Bilateral Trade Barriers under Global Trade Context.” (with Yao Li), Review

of Development Economics(SSCI), Vol.18(2), 326–339, 2014.

5. “Trans-Pacific Tariff Barriers: a Case Study of Five Asia—Pacific Developing Countries

and Canada”. China Economic Journal, Vol.7(2), 251-260, 2014.

6. “An Anatomy of Intermediaries in China’s Export Market.” (with Zhiyuan Li), China

Economic Journal, Vol.7(2), 187-213, 2014.

7. Bo CHEN. “Trade Variety and Productivity in Canada.” Review of Development

Economics (SSCI) , Vol.17(3), pp414-429, 2013.

8. Bo CHEN (with Chaoqun He). “Exports and Wage Inequality: Theory and Evidence

from Chinese Firms.” Management World Vol(8), pp6-15, 2013. [in Chinese]

9. Bo Chen and Ran Jing (2013). “Financial Crisis, Financial Costs, and Exports Change in

China.” Economic Research Journal Vol(2),pp30-42, 2013. [in Chinese]

10. Bo Chen (with David Jacks). “Trade, Variety and Immigration.” Economics Letters

(SSCI)117, pp. 243-246, 2012. The findings of this paper have been referred to in

Marina Adshade (April 8, 2011), “New arrivals bring big benefit to Canada: Better

shopping”, the Global and Mail (one of the most influential mainstream newspaper in

Canada). This article was widely circulated in many other mainstream media such as

CTV News, BusinessWeek, USToday, the Times of India)

11. Bo Chen (with Hong Ma). “Import Variety and Welfare in China.” Review of International

Economics (SSCI), Vol.20(4), pp807–820,2012.

12. Bo Chen (with Hong Ma,). “Trade Restrictiveness and Deadweight Loss in China’s

Imports.” Frontiers of Economics in China, Vol.7(3), pp478-494, 2012.

13. Bo CHEN. “Revenue, Variety and Productivity in China's Export Sector”, Review of

International Economics (SSCI), Vol.19(2), pp341-355, 2011.

14. Bo CHEN (with Yuen Pau Woo). “Measuring Economic Integration in the Asia-Pacific

Region: A Principal Components Approach”, Asian Economic Papers (SSCI), Vol.9(2), pp

121-143, 2010. MIT Press. Previous version is available in: M. Kawai and S.F. Stone

eds., A Decade of Developments, pp163-181. 2009. Asian Development Bank Institute.

The indexes have been updated annually in the States of the Region Report by the

Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC) since 2009.

15. Bo CHEN. “An Economic Model of Chinese Brain Drain and Circulation”, Southwestern

Journal of Economics, Vol XI(1), pp53-79, 2009.

Working Papers:

● “Input Trade Liberalization and Wage Inequality: Theory and Evidence from China.”

(with Zhihao Yu and Miaojie Yu), revised and resubmitted to Journal of

International Economics.

● “Upstreamness, Exports, and Wage Inequality: Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing


● “Credit Constraint and Extensive Margin of Exports: Theory and Evidence in China”,

(with Ran Jing, Junjie Hong, and Xiaonan Sun).

● “International Vertical Integration and Wage Inequality within Firm: Theory and

Evidence.” (with Haichao Fan).

Academic Presentations


● 01/2016, Workshop on “Chinese Firms in a Globalized World”, University of Paris I and


● 01.2016, Workshop on “Growth, Trade, and Income Inequality in Asia-Pacific”,

University of Hawaii

● 10/2015, CCER Workshop on Trade and Development, Yantai, Chian

● 10/2014,CTRG-UIBE Workshop on International Trade and Investment, Beijing

● 03/2014, EIIT 2014 Asia Conference, Phuket, Thailand

● 10/2013, Boao-PECC Joint Meeting (One of the APEC Meetings), Bali Island, Indonesia

● 07/2013, the 1st Biennial Conference for China Development Studies , Shanghai Jiaotong


● 06/2013, Conference on China, Inequality, Growth and the Middle-Income Trap, Peking


● October, 2012, Tsinghua-Columbia University Conference on Development, Beijing,.

● May, 2012, IEFS-China Annual Conference, Tianjin, China.

● June, 2011, CES Annual Conference, Beijing, China.

● June, 2010, APTS2010, Osaka, Japan

● May, 2010, IEFS-China annual Conference, Beijing, China

● June, 2009, APTS 2009 Meeting, Hong Kong, China.

● June, 2008; Canadian Economic Association Annual conference, Vancouver, Canada.

● March, 2008: Pacific Economic Outlook, Osaka, Japan.

● August 2006: The Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) 2006

Annual Academic Conference, Singapore.

Invited Seminars:

● 2016: University of Paris I, CEPII

● 2015: University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, Kobe University

● 2014: Xiamen University, Simon Fraser University

● 2013: Chinese University of Hong Kong, Sun Yat-sen University,Southwest University

of Finance and Economics, University of Electronic Science and Technology in China

● 2012: Academia Sinica (China Taipei), Peking University, Central University of Finance

and Economics, Zhejiang University, Nanjing University

● 2011: University of International Business and Economics, Tsinghua University, University

of Macau, Huadong University of Science and Technology

● 2009: Shanghai JiaoTong University

● 2008: Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade, Fudan University

● 2007: University of British Columbia (Vancouver Canada)

Computer Skills

C Language: National Certificate (Chinese) for C Language, Band 2.

Experienced in Microsoft Office, Scientific Workplace, SAS, Stata, Eviews

Other Languages (familiar): SPSS, S-Plus, Matlab

Grants, Awards, and Fellowship

● “The Debt Sustainability Framework in Low-Income Countries,” Ministry of Treasure,

PRC, 2016

● “The Development Strategy in Simin Distict: 2016-2020,” Xiamen Government, 2015

● “An Zijie” Best Paper Award on International Trade (Biannual National Award ), 2014

● Research Grant on Consultation Projects of Wuhan Government, “Development

Strategies of Wuhan towards High Standard Market And Economic Centre in Central

China ”, Wuhan City Government, 2014.

● Research Grant on Consultation Projects of Shanghai Municipal Government, “Studies

on High Quality International Trade and Investment Agreements”, Shanghai Municipal

Government, 2014.

● 2013 “Zhongzheng” Fellowship for Research Excellence, SHUFE

● Standard Research Grant on Natural Science, “Trade Variety and Economic

Development”, National Science Foundation of China.

● Research Grant on Key Innovative Project, “Product Variety and Labor Market”,

Educational Bureau of Shanghai.

● Shanghai Pujiang Program Research Fellowship, “Trade Variety and Regional Productivity

Unbalance in China”, 2011-2012, SCTC.

● Standard Research Grant on Arts and Social Science, “Trade Variety and Welfare in

China”, 2011-2013, Educational Ministry of China.

● Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada Research Grant, “Trade Variety and Productivity in

Canada”, 2009~2010.

● Metropolis-British Columbia Research Grant, “International Trade, Immigration, and

Productivity Growth in Canada”, 2008~2009.

● The President’s Research Stipend, Summer 2008, SFU

● Graduate Fellowship, Spring 2008, Fall 2007, Fall 2006, Summer 2004, SFU

● Chris Taylor Award, 2006, RIIM

● C.D. Nelson Memorial Graduate Entrance Scholarship, Fall 2003, SFU

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