Fan Hongzhong


Phone: +86-27-87557811

Email: hongzhong@mail.hust.

Academic Areas: Development Economics

Research Interests:


  PHD:School of Economics and Finance, Xi’an Jiaotong University(2002. 2—2005. 7)

  MS:Department of Chemistry, Huazhong Normal University(1988. 9—1991. 7)

CS:Department of Chemistry , Hubei Engineering College(198 4. 9—198 7. 2)

Overseas Visiting and Training

Cambridge University(2013.8-2013.9)

Research Interests

Development Economics

Working Experiences

1991-1993 Wuhan Science and Technology Uiversity

2005-     Huazhong Science and Technology Uiversity

Representative Research Books

1. Chinese Urbanization and regional coordinated development, Chinese Social Science Press, 2010

2. Formation of multicenter city and regional inequality in China, Social Science Literature Press, 2008

Representative Research Papers

1. A Hypothesis on effective Demand Size, R&D expenditure and national innovation capacity, Economic Research Journal,2007

2. The Ineffective of Public Policies and Excessive Concentration of Production and Population

Economic Research Journal,2008

3. Lifetime of employment, Persistence of Laborers’Income and Ratio of Resident Consumption IN China, ChinaEconomicQuarterly,2013

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