Kong Dongmin

Professor of Chemistry ,Deputy director of the Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry

Phone: +86-27-15927068886

Email: kongdongmin@hotmail.

Academic Areas: Finance

Research Interests:


Doctor: Financial Economics, Business School, Sun Yat-sen University(2001. 9—2006. 7)

Bachelor: Finance, School of Economics, Shandong University(1996. 9—2000. 7)

Overseas Visiting and Training

McComBS School of Business, University of Texas at Austin, USA(2008. 9—2009.7)

Research Interests


Working Experiences

Work in School of Economics, Huazhong University of Science & Technology since 2006.

2006-2010, Assistant Professor

2010-now, Associate Professor

2013-now, Doctoral Supervisor

Representative Research Books

Representative Research Papers

1. Do Efforts on Energy Saving Enhance Firm Values? Energy Economics, 2013, 40, 360-369.(with D. Ye and Shasha Liu)(SSCI, IF:2.344).

2. Investor Reactions to Food Safety Incidents: Evidence from the Chinese Milk Industry, Food Policy, 2013, 43, 23-31. (with Yunhao Dai and Maobin Wang)(SSCI, IF:2.054).

3. How Does CSR Affect Minority Shareholder's Participation in Corporate Governance? Journal of Business Economics and Management, 2013, 14(S1), 168-187.(SSCI, IF:2.388).

4. Does Corporate Social Responsibility Matter in the Food Industry? 2012, Food Policy, 37(3), 323-334.(SSCI, IF:2.054).

5. CSR, Investor Behaviors and Stock Market Returns: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in China, 2011, Journal of Business Ethics, 101: 129-141. (with Maobin Wang and Chun Qiu) (SSCI, FT45 Journal, IF:0.963).

6. Environmental Policy, Company Environment Protection, and Stock Market Performance, Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, forthcoming. (with Shasha Liu and Yunhao Dai) (SSCI, IF:1.448).

7. An Anatomy of Trading Strategies: Evidence from China, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, 2010, 46(2), 51-64. (with Haigang Zhou, and John Geppert) (SSCI, IF:0.953).

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