Liu Haiyun


Phone: 86-27-87544084


Academic Areas: International Economics, International Trade, International Investment and Transnational Corporations

Research Interests:


PHD: Management Science and Engineering, School of Management, Huazhong University of Science and Technology. (1995.9-1999.6)

Master: Management Science and Engineering, School of Management, Wuhan University of Technology. (1985.9-1988.9)

Bachelor: Forging, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology. (1979.9-1983.6)

Overseas Visiting and Training

Visiting Scholar in University of Osnabrueck, Germany (1998.12-1999.6)

Visiting Professor in Lingnan University, Hong Kong (2002.3-2002.4)

Research Interests

International Economics, International Trade, International Investment and Transnational Corporations

Working Experiences

1983-1985, Technician, Hubei air compressor factory.

1987-1992.5, Teacher, School of Management in Wuhan Automobile Polytechnical University ( now Wuhan University of Technology ).

1989, Lecturer, School of Management in Wuhan Automobile Polytechnical University ( now Wuhan University of Technology )

1992,transferred in Departemnt of Economincs, School of Economics and Management in Huazhong University of Technology (now Huazhong University of Science and Technology).

Since 1994.6, teaching in School of Economics in Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST).

1994,Associate professor, School of Economics in HUST.

1999,Professor, School of Economics in HUST.

2000,Doctoral tutor in School of Economics in HUST; Vice President of Hubei Society of World Economics; Vice President in WTO research association in Hubei; Director in China Society of World Economics.

Representative Research Books

1. The Development of Management Advantage of Multinational Corporations, Monograph, China Development Press,2001,4.

2. Contingency Strategy, Monograph, Hubei People’s Press, 1997,8.

3. Multinational Corporations Theory and Practice, Huazhong University of Technology Press, 1996,4.

Representative Research Papers

1. Estimates of Welfare Gains from the Variety Growth of China’s Imports, International Economics and Trade Research, 2013(7)

2. Demographic dividend, Urbanization and the Development of China ’s Export Trade, Journal of International Trade,2013(6)

3. Empirical Study on the Impact of Institutional factors on China's outward foreign direct investment, Economist, 2012(6)

4. Effect of International Outsourcing on Productivity and Industry Disparity, China Industrial Economics, 2009(8)

5. Monopolistic Competition, Interest Groups and Trade Wars, China Economic Quarterly, 2009(4)

6. The Difference of Intellectual Property Right Protection Level and the Induced Mechanism of Trade Friction: Analysis from Interest Groups’ Perspective, Journal of International Trade,2009(5)

7. China's service trade: total growth and structural imbalances, international trade, 2008(2)

8. An Empirical Research on Import-Export Structure and Trade Competitiveness of International Service Trade in China, Journal of International Trade, 2008(10)

9. An Analysis on the Impact of Dollar Privilege on the Trade Deficit in U.S., Journal of International Trade, 2007(1)

10. A Political Economy Explanation for Tariff Structure—— A Game Theoretical Analysis Based on “Protection for Sale “ Model, China Economic Quarterly Vol.7, NO.1,2007.10.

11. The international Competitiveness of China's high-tech products, Reform, 2007(1)

12. A Study on the Cause of Enormous Trade Deficit in United States, Journal of International Trade, 2007(3)

13. Analysis on the Entry Mode and Technology Transfer of Multinational Investment and Policy Revelation, Journal of International Trade, 2005(4)

14. On the Latent Conflict between MEAs and WTO: Case Study, Theoretical Analysis and Proposals, Journal of International Trade, 2005(9)

15. Study on Bank’s performance based on Market ,Ownership and Capital Structure, Studies of International Finance, 2005(5)

16. A Comparative Study on the International Competitiveness of the Steel Industry, Journal of International Trade, 2004(9)

17. Impact of FDI Spillovers and Competition Effects on China's Industrial Sector, Journal of International Trade, 2004(3)

18. The Resource- based View and R&D Globalization and Cooperation of Multinationals, Science Research Management ,2000(11)

19. Economies of scale and Outward Foreign Direct Investment of Developing Countries, Journal of International Trade,1998(8).

20. Strategic Foreign Direct Investment and its Theoretical Background, Investment Research, 1997(11).

21. Distortions and Corrections of Capital Structure of State-owned foreign trade enterprise, Journal of International Trade, 1998(2).

Representative Research Project
1. A Political Economic Analysis and Counter measures research of International Trade Friction, National Social Science Fund of China (07BGJ008), 2007-2009.

2. Study on Mechanism and Policies of Industry Transfer in the Context of the Rise of Central China, Department of Regional Economy of National Development and Reform Commission, 2009-2010.

3. Study on Achieving a new Leapfrog Development of Henan Open Economy, The Henan provincial government decision-making tender project (Grant No.A003), 2008.8-2009.7.

4. Comparative Study on Domestic and Foreign Hi-tech industry Park of Incubation Mechanism, Environment and Policy, Wuhan Planning Project of Science and Technology (201240933329-3), 2012.5-2012.12.

5. The technology development of Wuhan high-tech major strategic products and industry cluster Study during Eleventh “Five-Year" period, Wuhan Planning Project of Science and Technology( 20045001039-03), 2004-2005.

6. The Impact of China’s Accession to WTO on Wuhan Industrial Economy and Countermeasures, Key Program of Wuhan Soft Science(20005008069), 2000.8-2001.7.

7. Study on the Strategy and Measures of the Development of Wuhan Circular Economy under the Open Economy Condition, Development Planning Commisiion of Wuhan, 2006.8-2007.5.

8. Diffusion of Foreign Technology and the Development of Hubei High-tech Industries, Key Science and Technology Planning Project of Science and Technology Department of Hubei Province, 2005.8-2006.7.

9. Management Significance of WTO Rules and its Impact on Our Management Concepts and Systems, National Natural Science Foundation of China(70141027), 2002.1.1—2002.12.30.

10. A Model and Empirical Study of the Impact of China’s WTO Accession on the Hubei Industry, Key Technology Project of Science and Technology Commission of Hubei Province(20001P2401), 2000.9-2001.12.

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