Luo Chuanjian

Associate Professor

Phone: +86-18607176367


Academic Areas: Development economics, financial economics, Microeconomics

Research Interests: Development economics, financial economics, Microeconomics

Education   Ph.D. in Economics of Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Overseas Visiting and Training

Research Interests  Development economics, financial economics, Microeconomics

Working Experiences  taught at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology since 1995, Serve as associate professor, master's tutor since 2003, serve as Vice doctoral tutor since 2009, serve as chairman of the trade union institute of economics since 2009

Representative Research Books

1, "foreign mergers and acquisitions, industrial safety and government regulation", Hubei people's publishing house, 2010.OCT

2, "practical modern management", Peking University press, 2004 December first edition, 2009 January Second Edition

3, "accounting application and practice", Wuhan University of Technology press, the first author, completed  0. 32 million words, 2002 August

4, "corporate restructuring theory and operation of" second author , completed 3 Chapter with 0.1 million words, Hubei people's publishing house, 2000, May

5, the first chapter of "development economics" , zhang Peigang editor, deputy editor Zhang Jianhua

Representative Research Papers

1,Impact of European Sovereign Debt Crisis to China-EU Trade, " Journal of International Trade", in 2011(12)

2,New advances in the study of theory on income distribution and concentration of wealth, "economic perspective", 2010(2)

3,the comment of academic contribution on economics of Sargent,the 2007 annual President of USA Economic Association, " economic perspective ", 2007 (11)

4,Western development economics research ideas -- multiple equilibrium theory and history dependent on economics, " economic perspective ", 2005(6)

5,Hum Derek hosack's contributions to the theory of economics, " economic perspective ", 2003 (6)

6,The new political economics model and political implications, " economic perspective ", 2000 (5)

Representative Research Project:
1, China's low carbon economy development path and policy, national social science fund project, ranking second, the total funds 120000 yuan, 60000 yuan of personal burden

2, The Relevant policy research of Engineering Asset Management of South to North Water Diversion Project, ranking first, funds 300000 yuan.

3, The Industrialization and informatization development planning study of Dongxihu district in the 12th Five Year Plan, ranking first, funds 180000 yuan.

4,Research of the effects of highway investment on the regional economic growth, ranking first, funds 300000 yuan.

5, Budget control during the implementation of project, ranking first, funds 300000 yuan.

6, The management system research of righteousness Coal Group Xinyi Coal Co. Ltd. , ranking first, funds 80000 yuan.

7, Research of soil and water conservation detection and analysis -- database software, ranking first, funds 30000 yuan.

8, Research of soil and water conservation detection and analysis -- assessment system software, ranking first,  funds 30000 yuan

9, Research on private property reorganization, Hubei Residential Development Co. Ltd., ranking first, funds 20000 yuan.

10, Research on the planning index system of SINOPEC oil and gas enterprises in 10th Five Year Plan, Sinopec group Henan Petroleum Exploration Bureau, ranking second, funds 50000 yuan.

11, Research of water resources of Qingjiang basin and the comprehensive development and the coordinated regional economic development , the Yangtze River Water Conservancy Committee, ranking second, funds 45000 yuan ,(it has been approved to declare second prize of ministerial level,(accounted for 45%).

12,Research of industrialization, marketization and International issues in the Midwest, Hubei Eastern Silk Group, ranking seconf, funds 60000 yuan .

13, The reform of enterprise system and enterprise core competence, won the school fund 5000 yuan in 2003.

14,Research of promoting the fiscal policy of the technical progress of enterprises, the provincial science and technology project (962P1703), funds 30000 yuan, mainly completed.

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