Ouyang Hongbing


Phone: +86-27-87541730

Email: ouyanghb@126.com

Academic Areas: Financial Economics、Financial Econometrics

Research Interests:

Courses Taught

Corporate Finance(Master、Bachelor)

Intermediate Financial Theory(Bachelor)

Commercial Bank Management(Bachelor)


  Ph.D:Finance,City University of Hong Kong(2000.9—2003. 11)

  Master:Economics,Huazhong University of Science and Technology(1996. 9—1999. 7)

Bchelor:Engineering(Automatic control)Huazhong University of Science and Technology (1986. 9—1990. 7)

Overseas Visiting and Training

Research Fellow,City University of Hong Kong(2007. 10—2008. 5)

Visiting Professor,Sogang University,Korea(2005.3—2005. 12)

Research Interests

Financial Economics,Financial Econometrics

Working Experiences

From September,2004 to present,Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Assistant professor( 2004)

Associate professor(2006)

Ph.D supervisor(2013).

Representative Research Books

1.Liquidity in Financial Markets,China Social Science Press,June,2012。

2.  Commercial Bank Business and Management,Shanghai University of Finance and Economics,October,2013。

Representative Research Papers

1.Ouyang Hongbing , Su Haijun, Contagion Analysis Based on Correlation and Volatilities Driven by Hidden Markov Chain, Chinese Journal of Management, 2012(4):151-159.

2.Ouyang Hongbing, Fu Yifu,Liquidity Provision of the Limit Order Book on China’s Stock Markets,Journal of Management Science,2012(4):91-99.

3.Ouyang Hongbing, Su Haijun, and Sun Xiaotao,Consistency and Differences Between Volatility and Correlation and Stage Characteristics of the Contagion,Journal of Quantitative and Technological Economics,2012(2):139-151.

4. Ouyang Hongbing, Liu Yaqing, The Development Orientation and the Non-mainstream Formation of Finance, Reform, 2009(12):145-149.

5.Ouyang Hongbing, Jin Fei, Stock Price Clustering and the Cross-sectional Determinants, Chinese Journal of Management, 2009(6):823-827.

6 Hongbing, Ouyang, The information content of high, low and close prices, Proceedings of the 2nd international conference on artificial intelligence, management science and electronic commerce, Zhen Zhou, China, Aug., 2011:7368-7371. (EI)

7 Hongbing Ouyang and Yaqing Liu,The information content of charts: algorithm and evidence from Hong Kong stock market. Proceedings of fourth international conference on cooperation and promotion of information resources in science and technology. Beijing, Nov., 2009.:268-272.(EI)

8 Hongbing Ouyang and Yaqing Liu,The Profitability of momentum indicators: empirical study on US stock market indices. Proceedings of the international conference on e-product, e-service, and e-entertainment, Nov.2010, Henan, China.: 2496-2499.(EI)

9 Hongbing Ouyang and Kim Y.K.,Evaluation of Korean Corporate Performance after Financial Crisis and Corporate Reconstructing. Korean Studies Forum, 2008(3):145-174.

Representative Research Project
1.National Natural Science Foundation Project《Identification of the transmission mechanism of Financial Crisis Based on Markov-switching Dynamic Conditional Correlation and Its Policy Implication》(Project No:70971051);

2. National Natural Science Foundation Project《Corporate Governance and Inside Trading Behavior and Regulation Innovation》(Project No:70573034);

3.National Administration of Education Humanities and Social Science Project《Contagion Mechanism of Financial Crisis and Its Measurement and International Coordination Mechanism》(Project No:2009JYJR059)

4.National Development Project《The Systematic Financial Planning of Development Finance》

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