Wang Jian

Associate Professor

Phone: +86-27-87543029


Academic Areas: Western Economics、Development Economics、public finance

Research Interests: Western Economics、Development Economics、public finance


Doctor’s degree: Development Economics,Economic Development Research Center of Wuhan University (1999.9—2005. 7)

Master's degree: Western Economics ,School of Economics,Huazhong University of Science and Technology(1992.9—1995. 7)

Bachelor’s degree:Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, Wuhan University (1979.6—1983.7)


Overseas Visiting and Training

Visiting scholar at the University of Washington(2008.1—2009.2)

Research Interests

Western Economics、Development Economics、public finance

Working Experiences

September 1993 to June 1996 , taught in the School of Law and Business ,Wuhan Transportation University of Science and Technology.

September 1996 to now,taught in the School of Economics , Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Representative Research Books

1.“Track of Economic Development”(coauther), People's Daily Press, 2000;

2."The Economic Practical Writing Book"(coauther), Hubei Dictionary Press, 1995;

3." Big Expo of Capitalist Society ", Chinese Society Press(participant) , 1997 ;

4.“Economic Theory of China & West for 40 Years”(participant), Ningxia people's publishing house, 2000

5.”A Study on The Role of Chinese Government in Institutional Change Under Conditions of Economic Globalization ”, Doctoral Dissertation,2005.

Representative Research Papers

1.Wang Jian, “Prospects of Western Political Economy Of the 21st Century”,Journal of Economic Perspectives , 2000(6)

2.Wang Jian, ”Western Feminist Economics Reflection”, Journal of Economic Perspectives , 2001 ( 5 );

3.Wang Jian, “Features and Optimization of Our Consumption Patterns At Present Stage” , Academic Journal of Zhongzhou, 1995 ( 5 )

4.Wang Jian, “Economic Globalization and the Role of Governments in Developing Countries” , Economic Review, 2001 ( 9 );

5.Wang Jian, ”Strategies Of Speeding up the upgrading of industrial structure and trade structure conversion “, Consultation and Decision , 1996 ( 4 ) ;

6.Wang Jian,”The Chinese Government Reform and Institutional Change Under the Background of Economic Globalization ”, Theory Monthly , 2006 ( 4 ) .

7.Wang Jian , “On the Role of the Chinese Government in Changing Property right system under the Globalization Changes”, Journal of Hubei University , 2006 ( 7 ) .

8.Wang Jian , “On the role of Our Government in the Informal Institutional Change”, Jianghan Tribune, 2006 ( 5 ) .

9.Wang Jian , “New progress of Institutional Change Theory", Journal of Economic Perspectives , 2006 ( 7 ) .

Representative Research Project:
1. The State Board of education of Humanities and Social Science Fund Project : "late comers catching up theory and practice"(participant)

2. Education Reform Research Project from the Ministry of Education : " Economy discipline structure and curriculum system design for the twenty-first Century "(participant)

3. Humanities and Social Science Research Fund Project of Huazhong University of Science and Technology : "governments of developing countries under the condition of economic globalization"

4 .National Social Science Fund Project: "State-owned enterprise property transactions Pricing Mechanism "(participant)

5. The Research Project of China Scholarship Council: ”A comparative analysis of institutional evolution in china and US under globalization”

6. Humanities and Social Science Fund Project of the Ministry of Education : "Research on issues of present stage of labour relations and income distribution "(participant)

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