Yang Jin

Assistant Professor

Phone: yangjin8849@163.com

Email: yangjin8849@163.com

Academic Areas: Agricultural economics

Research Interests:

Professional Experience:

2007-2011, Work in International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

2015-, Work in school of economics in Huazhong University of Science and Technology.


(1)Zhang X., Yang J., Wang S., "China has reached the Lewis turning point", China Economic Review, Vol.22, No.4 (2011), pp.542-554. (SSCI)

(2)Yang J., Huang Z., Zhang X., Thomas R., "The Rapid Rise of Cross-Regional Agricultural Mechanization Services in China", American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol.95, No.5 (2013), pp.1245-1251. (SSCI)

(3)Yang J., Wang H., Jin S., Chen Z., Jeffrey R., Peng C., Migration, Local Off-farm Employment and Agricultural Production Efficiency: Evidence from China, The Journal of Productivity Analysis(SSCI), 2016.

(4)Zhang X., Yang J., Thomas R., "Mechanization Outsourcing Clusters and Division of Labor in Chinese Agriculture", China Economic Review, Under review (2016).





Courses Taught

Development economics; the theory of economics; the special subject of Chinese economics

1.The National Social Sciences Fund Project entitled “the impact of labor price rising on the grain production” (13CGL085)

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