Zhou Shaofu


Phone: +86-27-87557198

Email: sf_zhou19633@163.com

Academic Areas: Quantitative Economics,Finance Economics

Research Interests:


1981.9 to 1985.6 Department of Mathematics, Huazhong Normal University, Bachelor of Science

1991.9 to 1994.6 Department of Mathematics, Wuhan University ,probability and statistics professionals, Master of science

1997.9 to 2000.6 Department of Mathematics, Huazhong University of science and technology , probability and statistics professionals, postgraduate students, Doctor of Science.

Overseas Visiting and Training

Research Interests

Quantitative Economics,Finance Economics

Working Experiences

Working as a teacher at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology since April 2001, Served as Associate Professor in 2010,Served as Professor in 2012.

Representative Research Books

Zhou Shaofu(2012). Fluctuations of Financial Theory, Methods and Applications.Wuhan: Huazhong University of Science and Technology Press.

Representative Research Papers

  • Zhou Shaofu,Wang Wei,Dong Dengxin(2013). The analysis of the effect of human capital and transformation of industrial structure about economic growth. The Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics.

  • Zhou Shaofu,Zuo Xiuxia(2012). Bandwidth Selection of Time Trend Stationarity Test and Its Effects. Statistical Research

  • Zhou Shaofu,Qi Shouwei,Lu Zhongbao(2010). Region Difference, Urbanization and Urban-rural Income Gap. China Population Resources and Environment

  • Zhou Shaofu,Chao Xiaoyong(2003). Adapted Solution of a Backward Semil inear Stochastic

Evolution Equation with Non-Lipschitz Coef ficients. Acta Mathematica Scientia

Representative Research Project:

  • Ministry of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences Planning Fund(2013). The analysis of relationship about energy consumption, carbon emissions and economic development in the background of industrial structure adjustment.(NO. 13YJA790166)

  • Hubei Provincial Social Science Fund Project(2010). Transition old-age income and happiness.(NO. [2010]270)

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