Zhang Jianhua


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Email: jhzhanghust@163.com

Academic Areas: Growth and development, the industrial economy, the international economy, Economics of innovation

Research Interests:


Ph.D. Economics,  Wuhan University (1993.9—1996.7)

Master at Economics, Huazhong University of Science & Technology(HUST) (1988.9—1991.7)

BS at Computer Science & Engineering, HUST (1983.9—1986.7)

Overseas Visiting and Training

“Industrial Development of Central China and opportunity to Korean Firms”, Symposium on Sino-Korea Industrial Development, 19-22 June 2013,Soul, Korea

“Changes in Chinese Regional Industry Specialization 1988-2007:a U-shaped Curve”, the 87th WEAI Annual Conference, June 29- July3, 2012, San Francisco

“The Mechanism and Empirical Test on Productivity Effect of Intra-product Specialization to China” , CEDR-HSE 5th Joint Conference “A Comparison of Industrial Structure and Economic Policy in China and Russia”, 26-28 Sept,2012,Mosco, Russia

“Spillover Effects of FDI on Innovation in China -The Role of Vertical Linkage,”, Sino-Japan Academic Exchange, 9-14 July 2010,Tokoy, Japan

“The Spillover Effect of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth—A Case Study of Guangdong Province in China ”, presented at the Chinese Economists Society Summer U.S. Conference, 30-31 July2004, Atlanta, U.S.A.

“On effects of government policies on industrial structural change in China ”,presented at Australian 1999 industry Economics Conference, Monash University, 12-13 July 1999, Melbourne, Australian

“On the Insider Control Problem of the State-owned Enterprise in China’s Institutional Transition”, International Conference of the ACES “China and the World Economy”, 15-16 July 1999, Melbourne, Australian

Senior visiting scholar at Abertay University in England,1998

Research Interests

Economic Development, Industrial Economics, International Economics, Economics of Innovation , Chinese Economic Transition and Development

Working Experiences

July 1986---June 1992  Assistant Professor at Computer Science & Engineering,Department of Economics, HUST

July 1992—June 1996  Lecture of Economics, School of Economics, HUST

July 1996---May 2000  Associate Professor,School of Economics, HUST

April 1998.4---Nov. 1998  Visiting Scholar, University of Abertay Dundee, Scottland, U.K.

Officially supported by the EU-China High Education Cooperation Program

June 2000--date  Professor of Economics, School of Economics,  HUST

May 2001-June 2008 Director, Office of Humanities and Social Sciences, HUST

July 2008-present Professor and director, Institute of Industrial Economics, School of Economics,  HUST, P.R. China

May 2011-present Professor and director, Peikang Chang Institute for Development Studies, School of Economics,  HUST

Vice-Chairman, Hubei Province’s Economic Association (2010--present)

Vice-Chairman, Hubei Province’s Economic Association of Foreign Economic Theories Research (2010--present)

Member, China’s Association of Foreign Economic Theories Research (1997--present)

Member and Vice Sectary General , China’s Association of Economic Development studies (2007-present)

Member, National youth social science association

Vice-Chairman, Hubei Province’s youth social science association

Member, Advisory Council of Hubei Provincial people’s government

Member, Advisory Council of Wuhan’s people’s government

Science and technology consultant of Jinmen’s people’s government

Consultant expert of China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation

Representative Research Books

A Study on Industrial structure Upgrading Based on New-type Industrialization Strategies in China,China Social Science Press,2012

Poverty Measurement and Policy Assessment, People’s Press, 2010

Development Economics, Peking University Press,2009

Innovation, incentive and economic development, HUST Publishing House, 2000.

Textbook of Development Economics(Co-editor), Economic Science Press,2001,2007(new edition)

Theory and Practice of Enterprisers re-organization, Hubei People Publishing House,2000

New Development Economics(Joint author), Henan People Publishing House,1999

Representative Research Papers

Cultural Values and Economic Growth in Asia:An Empirical analysis, with M. Mahroof Khanand and M.S. Hashmi,M.Bashir, International Journal of Business and Social Science,Vol.1 No.2 Nov.2010

Land Distribution,Technological Changes and Productivity in Pakistan’s Agriculture: some Explanations and Policy options, with M. Mahroof Khan, M.S. Hashmi,and  M.BS. Hashmi, International Journal of Economics and Management sciences,Vol.1,No.1,2011,pp.51-74

The effects of outward FDI on home-country productivity: do location of investment and market orientation matter? With Wen-chung Hsu, Xiaobo Gao, and Hsin Mei Lin. Journal of Chinese Economic and Foreign Trade Studies,Vol.4 No.2,2011

More than 100 articles in Chinese academic journals since 1994. These journals include: Social Science in China, Economic Research Journal, China Economic Quarterly, World Economy , Research on Financial and Economic Issues , Contemporary Economics , Reform, Economic Perspective, Economic Review, Theory and Practice of Finance and Economics, etc.

Representative Research Project

Major project of National Social Sciences Fund, The study of the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure based on innovation (2012)

The master planning of Qiyueshan’s overall development and protection (2013)

The preliminary demonstration of Chinese University Social Sciences management databases and statistical analysis (2010)

Major project of National Social Sciences Fund, The study of the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure following a new path of industrialization (2006)

The study of the development of hi-tech industries and the supporting public financial policies (2006)

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