Zhong Xiwei

Associate Professor

Phone: +86-27-87556141

Email: dianazxw@126.com

Academic Areas: Industrial Economics、International Economics、Development Economics

Research Interests:

Overseas Visiting and Training

Post-doc research fellow at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (08/2005-08/2007)

Visiting scholar at Institute of Economic Investigations, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (03/2003-04/2004)

Research Interests

Industrial Economics, International Economics, Development Economics,

Working Experiences

Department of International Economics & Trade at Huazhong University of Science & Technology (05/1998 till now)

Representative Research Books

Zhong Xiwei. Industrial Dependency of Latin-America’s Development Mode, Beijing: People’s Publishing House, 2011.

· Zhang Weidong, Zhong Xiwei, contemporary Firm Theories, Hubei Publishing House, 2002.

Representative Research Papers

1.Zhong Xiwei, Chen Xiaohui, Whether China's Position in the International Division of Labor has Improved——Studies Based on the Perspective of Technology Content of China’s Exports, International Business, 2013(1).

2. Zhong Xiwei, Zhu Mengxing.“Technology Contents of Brazil’s Exports and the Impacts on Economic Growth-Studies Based on Dynamic Panel Data under SITC-3 Digit Level”, International Trade Journal, 2012(8)

3. Zhong Xiwei, Zeng Anle. “From Peripheral to Core: A Historial Review”, 2008(8). Journal of Latin –American Studies,2008(5)

4. Zhong Xiwei. “Science & Technology Policy Reform and Its Impact on China’s National Innovation System (in English)”, Technology in Society (EI), 2007, Vol. 29: 317-325.

5. Zhong Xiwei, “La Reforma del sistema de Ciencia y Tecnologia y su impacto en el sistema nacional de innovacion de China (in Spanish)”, Economia UNAM, 2007(11): 83-95

6.Zhong Xiwei, Yang Jianmin. “The American Elements in the Democratization Process of Latin-America,  Journal of Latin American Studies,2007(5).

7. Zhong Xiwei. “The UR/I-industry Linkage and the Development of the Computer Industry in China (in English)”, Problema de Desarrollo, 2007(3).

8. Zhong Xiwei, “Trade Policy, Export and Economic Growth”, International Trade Journal, 2007(1).

Representative Research Project

“Dependent Export” and Technology Upgrading of Chinese OEM Enterprises in the context in GVC (supported by Huazhong University of Science & Technology)

“Industrial Dependency” of the Latin-American Countries’ Mode of Development (supported by National Foundation of Social Science of China)

Technology Contents of the Foreign Trade Commodities and Economic Growth(supported by the Ministry of Education of China)

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