Zhou Jishun

Assistant Professor

Phone: 86-13129905372

Email: zjs123slp@126.com

Academic Areas: International trade and world economy

Research Interests:


September, 2013-July, 2016, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law

Doctor in Economics

Supervisor: Li Xiaoping

Research focus: international trade and world economy

September, 2014-September, 2015 Western Michigan University

International training joint doctoral

Supervisor: Wei-chiao Huang

March, 2006-December,2008, Jiangsu University

Master degree in Project Management

Supervisor: Zhao Yanping

Thesis: The Research of energy utilization and energy-saving

Management in Henan Province

September, 1999-July, 2003, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law

Bachelor in English

March,2001-July,2003 Wuhan University

Bachelor in Economics


July, 2003-July,2004, Ningbo Jingyong Exp&Imp Corporation, Sale manager

September, 2004-July, 2013, Anyang Institute of Technology, Lecturer

July, 2016-current, Economics School of HUST, Assistant Professor


[1] Li Xiaoping, Wang Shubai and Zhou Jishun, The Changes of Carbon Productivity and the Evolution of Export Quality, The Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics,2014, (9):22-43.

[2] Li Xiaoping Zhou Jishun, Lu Xianxiang and Lu Jiukai, Does the Export Product Quality Affect the Export Volume?, Economic Research Journal, 2015, (8):114-129.

[3] Li Xiaoping, Zhou Jishun and Wang Shubai, The Evolution of Chinese Manufacturing Export Complication and Economic Growth, World Economy, 2015(2):31-57.

[4] The Analysis of Henan Energy Saving Potential and Situation. Economic Research Guide,2009, (15):142-144.

[5] The Analysis of Henan Management of Energy-saving. Market Forum,2009, (5):14-17.

[6] The Analysis of Henan Energy Utilization. Economic Vision,2009, (4):39-43.


[1] Correlation Analysis of Anyang Iron and Steel Industry Based on Input-output Model, 2012, Anyang Science and Technology Bureau.(Leading)

[2] The Research of Strengthening Endogenous Power of Economic Growth of Henan, 2012, Henan Provincial Association of Social Sciences.(Leading)

[3] The Research of Constructing Strategic Support for Zhongyuan Economic Zone in Anyang, 2011, Anyang Association of Social Sciences.(Leading)

[4] The Report of Anyang Iron and Steel Industry Integration, 2010, Anyang Science and Technology Bureau.(Leading)

[5] Export Quality, International Trade and Economic Growth, 2014, Graduate Innovation Program of ZNUEL. (Leading)

[6] The Research of effect of Carbon Productivity Volatility on the Evolution of Manufacturing Export Quality, 2014, National Social Sciences Fund. (Participating)


Undergraduate Level

Political economics, fall 2010, fall 2011

International finance,fall 2010, spring 2011, fall 2011

Microeconomics, spring 2011, spring 2012

Economics, fall 2008, spring 2009

International settlement, spring 2006

International trade, fall 2005, spring 2007

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