The school has been laying emphasis on the study of modern economic theories and methods in quantitative economics, and extended to the research in other fields and economic problems in Chinese economy.

    Under the guidance of eminent professor Zhang Peigang and Professor Lin Shaogong, the research in Development Economics and Chinese economic development is influential in academics, and the research in Econometrics and Financial Quantitative has unique feature. Rich research results have been achieved in the field of microeconomics, macroeconomics, finance, and international economics and trade.

    Since 1994, the school has published over 100 monographs, textbooks and translations, as well as over 2000 academic papers. Over 40 National Social Sciences Foundation projects and National Natural Science Foundation projects have been carried out by the faculty of the school. More than 50 provincial or ministry research projects and more than 200 enterprise cooperation research projects have been undertaken.

Over 20 research provincial and Ministry level projects are awarded prizes. Two academic dissertations has been elected as "Top 100 Excellent Dissertations in China".

  Research Institutes: • Modern Economics Research Center (Humanities and social sciences key research bases in Hubei Province) • Innovation and Development Research Center (Humanities and social sciences key research bases in Hubei Province) • Zhang Peigang Research Foundation on Development Economics • China Development Bank--HUST Research Institute on Economic Development • Economic Development Research Center