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30 years ago, when China started to take the new journey of the reform and opening up as well as modernization, the original Huazhong Institute of Technology took the lead in implementing the strategy of transforming the university from a single engineering college to a comprehensive university. The establishment of the Economic Research Institute and the Quantitative Economic Research institute was established under the leadership of Zhang Peigang, Lin Shaogong and other senior scholars, opening the precedent of involving a technological college into education of economics; in the year 1994, our school took the lead of establishing the School of Economics among technological universities. After several generations of unremitting efforts, the School of Economics has gone through an extraordinary process of struggling, achieving rapid development. At present, we have a complete discipline system, a strong faculty, a high academic level, a strong academic atmosphere, a harmonious working environment and the first-class hardware facilities. In the respects of talent cultivation, faculty construction, scientific research and international cooperation, the school of economics actively exploring the field boldly, achieving fruitful achievements. A large number of high-level professions in economics were cultivated and the education mode of Chinese characters, international view and central brand were formed initially and a solid foundation of creating a top School of Economics were laid.

In the future we will stick to the principle of seeking good moral, academic strength and innovation. In the meantime, we will adhere to the school philosophy of talent cultivation, seeking innovation and taking responsibility. We will advocate the concept of respecting scholars, pursuing academic achievement and caring for students. We will try our best to commit ourselves to explore and build the School of Economics a first-class, well-known academy. In the new conditions of history, we will firmly remember the mission of cultivating talents and fostering their characters, taking the social responsibilities of govern and benefit the people. We will stick to the rigorous and realistic style. With the concepts of communication, integration, openness and sharing, the School of Economics will create a better platform for teachers, students and alumina. With the goal of building top disciplinarians, sticking to the path of developing with characteristics, the school of economics firmly promote international cooperation, pay special attention to disciplinary crossing, integration and innovation and continuously attach great importance to the training about the basic theory of economics and its quantitative methods. In the meantime, the School of Economics will actively explore the new education mode with research style, we strive to reach the top and pursue excellence in the respects of cultivating best talents, delivering high quality achievements, serving national and regional development, as well as improving academic competitiveness, social influence and international impact!

Professor Zhang Jianhua

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