This major mainly engaged in econometrics, mathematical economics, financial econometrics and other cutting-edge theories, methods and their applications in China. At present, micro-econometrics, experimental economics, behavioral economics and other emerging areas of study tracking are particularly the important aspects. Academic leaders and academic backbone are:Professor Wang Shaoping,Professor Tang Qi Ming,Professor Yang Jisheng,Professor Sun Yanlin,Professor Zhou Shaofuand so on.

Since the 1980s, under the leadership of a famous econometrician Prof. Lin Shaogong, this major is constantly engaged in mathematical economics, financial econometrics and the related teaching and research. As a result, a number of influential results have been obtained and a number of outstanding economists have been nurtured. In recent years, we have insisted on tracking and making innovations on the frontier theory of econometrics, and have focused on the frontier theory of this direction. Also, we have tried to use the frontier theory and its expansion to solve the real economic problems in China. In the meantime, we have integrated the frontier theories with economics to test how much does the theories can be adapted to China and how China can promote the innovation of development economics based on China’s background and empirical test. In addition, we make full use of the advantages of overseas alumni resources, regularly asked them to return to school to teach econometrics courses or share something about research frontiers. For example, our overseas alumni Ai Chunrong, Li Dong, Song Min and others often back to teach courses of econometrics or other courses for undergraduates and graduates. In order to build a high level econometric courses which are internationalized, we also invited the Nobel Prize winner Helvitz (L.Hurwicz), Heckman (JJ, Heckman), McFadden (DLMcfadden), Engel (RFEngle), Professor Timo Teräsvirta, the member of nomination committee of Nobel Prize in Economics Award and other well-known international economists to teach economically frontier topics.

This major has made fruitful research results. Professor Wang Shaoping tutored two doctoral students Ouyang Zhigang and Yang Jisheng who got the "National 100 outstanding doctoral thesis award" in the year 2010 and 2012 respectively. Wang Shaoping, Yang Jisheng, Chengfei and other authors published two papers on the "Journal of Econometrics". Over the past five years, one key project in this major has been awarded as the National Social Science Fund and passed the interview; two projects has passed the interview and become the national self-fund project; two projects has passed the interview organized by the Ministry of Education and gained humanities and social science fund. More than 40 papers have been published on authoritative journals such asChinese social science", "economy Research","Xinhua Digest"and others. One project won the first prize of Hubei province social science outstanding achievement, one project has got the second prize and one got the third prize. One got the Humanities and Social Sciences third prize awarded by Ministry of Education. "In 2006, the course of Econometrics" was evaluated as national high quality course at national level. In the year of 2013, this course was evaluated as a national boutique resource sharing course at national level. . We have gained fruitful results in the construction on textbook publications. Many textbooks, translations and works about econometrics such as "econometrics" (Wang Shaoping, Yang Jisheng, Ouyang Zhigang as the chef editor, Education ")," Non-stationary data analysis: theory and application "(Yang Jisheng)," micro-econometric essence "(Lin Shao Gong et al., Huazhong University of Science and Technology Press, 2003)," a number of macro measurement Frontier Theory and Application "(Wang Shaoping, Nankai University Press, 2003)," econometrics "(J. Johnston J. Dinard, Tang Qi Ming translation, China Economic Publishing House 2002 edition)," "Econometrics Fundamentals" (4), (on the next volume)) "Quantum Economics Basic Student Exercises Manual" (4), "Econometric Analysis" and so on.

The main study characteristics of this major:

(1) The frontier and pertinence of theoretical and methodological research. Based on the innovation of theory and methodology in China, the discipline closely follows the development of the international academic frontier theory and has made a number of achievements and talents which are very influential both at home and abroad. The major is one of the earliest teams of the related research in the theory of econometrics, which has played an important role in guiding and promoting the domestic econometrics research. For example, Prof. Wang Shaoping has done the systemic deep research on the frontier theories of econometrics such as data generation progress (DGP) and long-term stability of non-stable system (equilibrium) and its structural mutation. Many theoretical progresses have been made. The simulation experiment is designed based on the data features of China.

(2) The international frontier of research. The main research areas of this discipline are linear / nonlinear cointegration theory, non-stationary panel data analysis and financial econometric analysis which are also the main frontier areas of international econometrics research.

(3) Theoretical research and applied research are connected closely. We closely track the forefront of the development of international econometrics theory. Combined with the realistic characteristics of China's economic operation, we makes a substantive extension and innovative research on the relevant frontier theory to construct models, tests and evaluation methods for the analysis of practical problems in China's real economy. The results of theoretical research are precisely used on the studies of major and hot issues in China’s real economy.

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