There are 53 faculty members, and over 80% of them have PhD degrees. Among the faculty members, there are 18 professors, 22 associate professors, and 13 lecturers.   It has hired honorary and part-time professors, mainly including: Heckman, McFadden, Hurwicz, Engle, Mirrlees, Zhang Wuchang, Dieter Cassel, Tan Chongtai, Li Yining, Guo Yiyao, Yu Zhaoxiong, Lin Yifu, Zou Hengfu. Among whom Tian Guoqiang, Ai Chunrong, Tam Guofu, Xu Dianqing, Song Min, Shi Shouyong, Huang Xiaodong, Li Dong, Zhang Yansheng, Zhang Junkuo, Ba Shusong, and Li Youjun have become well-known economists home and abroad.   The school has first-rank teaching office facilities, with a total area of 15,000 square meters of modern teaching and administration building. Each faculty member has a personal studio, connected with the broadband and cable networks. The sub-section of the university library is located in the building of the school, collecting the latest references in economics. There are two computer laboratories in the school.  


Associate Professors


Name Title Phone E-mail
Chen Fei Assistant Professor 27-18627714482 fei.chen@mail.hust.e
Chen Bo Professor 27-18018510531
Cai Biqing Assistant Professor +86-15927585928
Fan Hongzhong Professor +86-27-87557811 hongzhong@mail.hust.
Fang Qiyun Professor 86-13007163366
Fang Zhuangzhi Associate Professor 86-27-87545538 fangzhuangzhi@hust.e
Fang Jing Assistant Professor +86-27-13871548369
Han Minchun Professor +86-27-87556693
Kong Dongmin Professor of Chemistry ,Deputy director of the Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry +86-27-15927068886 kongdongmin@hotmail.
Liu FangChi Associate Professor 27-87541613
Liang Min Lecturer 27-13807130418
Li Zhaohua Professor +86-13100705171
Luo Chuanjian Associate Professor +86-18607176367
Liu Haiyun Professor 86-27-87544084
Luo Yong Associate Professor +86-27-87540335
Peng Bin Assistant Professor 86-18827619485
Peng Daiyan Professor +86-13308638708 pengdaiyan0880@126.c
Qiu Huifang Associate Professor +86-18971612358 Huifang_qiu@mail.hus
Qian Xuesong Associate Professor 130-1802-2383 qianxuesong2008@163.
Song DeYong Professor 86-27-87541203
Sun Yanlin Professor +86-13607131192
Shu Yang Assistant Professor +86-13307198292
Tang Qiming Professor +86-27-87557846
Tang Ying Assistant Professor 27-13476128156
Tian Yinghua Associate Professor +86-27-87556497
Wang Shaoping Professor 27-68776733; wa
Wang Banban Assistant Professor +86-13971210462
Wei Jie Assistant Professor 27-13429820860
Wang Xiaoqin Professor +86-13618647576
Wang YongLei Assistant Professor 27-17762539896 Yonglei_wang@outlook
Wei Yingchun Associate Professor +86-13628647429 yingchun-wei@hust.ed
Wang Jian Associate Professor +86-27-87543029
Assistant Professor +86-13871091626
Xu Xiaoping Associate Professor +86-27-87541752
Xing Fei Associate Professor 27-15927459629
Yi Jiang Associate Professor +86-27-87548430
Yi Ming Assistant Professor 27-15629070622
Ye Jinqi Assistant Professor 27-13018012098
Yang Jin Assistant Professor
Yao Sui Assistant Professor +86-13036110908
Yang Jisheng rofessor +86-27-87559113 yangjisheng770@163.c
Zhou Jishun Assistant Professor 86-13129905372
Zhang Weidong Professor 86-27-87540511
Zhong Xiwei Associate Professor +86-27-87556141
Zuo Yuehua Associate Professor +86-27-87598003
Zhang XueGong Assistant Professor +86-27-87546497
Zhang Jianhua Professor +86-027-87542253
Zhou Shaofu Professor +86-27-87557198