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Appendix 14: Faculty information

1. Department of Economics

Chen Xi (Asistant Professor)

Research Direction: labour economics; Applied Microeconometrics; China's economy

Taught Course: intermediate macroeconomics; principles of economics

Education Background:Virginia Tech PhD, 2016

Selected Publication: 1, "Social norms and female labor force participation in urban China", with Suqin Ge, Dec. 2018, Journal of Comparative Economics.

2, "The evolution of female labour force participation in urban China", Jan. 2019, Economics of Transition and Institutional Change.

Email: chenxi_econ_hust@163.com

Fang Qiyun (Professor)

Academic Areas: Economics

Education Background: Ph.D. of Economics, Wuhan University, July 1998

Selected Academic Publications:

1. Difference and Convergence of Energy Productivity: An Empirical Analysis Based on the Panel Data by Province (in Chinese), Zhenglin Yang and Qiyun Fang, China’s Industrial Economy, 2008(9): 17-30

2. Empirical Analysis: Business Cycles and Inward FDI in China, Qiyun Fang and Yao Liu, American Journal of Applied Sciences 4(10): 802-806, 2007

Email: fqy1963@aliyun.com

Li Weibing (Associate Professor)

Research Direction: environmental policy; Financial Risk Measurement; microeconomics

Education Background: HUST PhD, 2005

Selected Publication: Li Weibing, Wei Ping, Zhou Xinping.A Cost-benefit of Power Generation from Commercial Reinforced Concrete Solar Chimney Power Plant. Energy Conversion and Management,2014,79:104-113. (SCI)

Email: lwbhust@163.com

Luo Chuanjian (Professor)

Academic Areas: Development economics, financial economics, Microeconomics

Research Interests: Development economics, financial economics, Microeconomics

Education Background: Ph.D. in Economics of Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Representative Research Papers:

1. Impact of European Sovereign Debt Crisis to China-EU Trade, " Journal of International Trade", in 201112

2. New advances in the study of theory on income distribution and concentration of wealth, "economic perspective", 20102

3. the comment of academic contribution on economics of Sargentthe 2007 annual President of USA Economic Association, " economic perspective ", 2007 11

Email: hustlcj@126.com

Peng Daiyan (Professor)

Academic Areas: welfare economics; Agriculture and rural economics; Regional economics; Industrial economics

Academic Degrees: PhD of Agricultural Economics, Department of Agricultural Economics, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan, Apr., 1998~Mar., 2001.

Selected Publications:

1. Peng Daiyan, Peng Xuhui, Power Laws Features of Land Price Fluctuation in Chinese Cities, China Land Science2016. No.1.

2. Peng Daiyan, Wen Le, Do the Aging and Feminization of Agriculture Labor Decrease Efficiency of Grain Production, Journal of Agritechnical Economics, 2016, No.2.

3. Peng Daiyan, Min Qiuhong, House consumption and human happiness, Guangxi Social Science, 2015, No.12.

Email: pengdaiyan0880@126.com

Qian Xuesong (Professor)

Academic Areas: Corporate Finance;Commercial banks; Corporate governance; Incentive theory

Education Background: Doctor: Economics , Economics and Management School of Wuhan University (2003.9-2006.6)

Representative Research Papers

1.“Does Equity Connection Influence Loan Price Between Firms?-An Empirical Study Using Entrusted Loan Data from Listed Companies in China”, “Journal of Financial Research”, 2013 No.9 , Qian Xuesong , Yuan Mengting , Kong Dongmin .

2. "A Study onefficiency of firm’s Internal capital allocations - A general equilibrium approachbased onfinance discrimination and insider control" , " Accounting Research " 2013 No.10 , Qian Xuesong .

3. "Multi-tasks, two-tiered agencyproblems and internal incentives in firms", "The journal of World Economy" , 2008 No.11 , Qian Xuesong , Zou Wei .

Email: qianxuesong2008@163.com

Song Deyong (Professor)

Academic Areas: Natural Resource and Environmental Economics; Regional Economics; Development Economics.

Academic Degrees: PhD of Economics, Economics and Management school of Wuhan University , Sept., 1995June, 1999.

Selected Publication:

1.Song, D., Zhang, P., The Research on Economic Transformation. WuhanHuazhong University of Science and Technology Press,2000.

2. Song, D., A History of Economic Thought . WuhanHuazhong University of Science and Technology Press,2000.

3. Song, D., Mo., X., Hu, B., Milton Friedman: A Strong Fighter of Freedom Economy. Jiangxi people's publishing house,2005.

Email: dysong@hust.edu.cn

Wang Xiaoqin (Professor)

Academic Areas: Development Economics (Industrialization and Structural ChangeIndustrialization and Agricultural Modernization, Industrialization and Urbanization ( i.e. Migration and Employment of Rural Surplus Labor Force ), Issues in China's Agricultural Modernization

Academic Degrees: PhD of Economics, School of Economics, Wuhan University, Sept., 1992Nov., 1996.

Selected Publication:

1. Wang, X., Wang, A., Wang, Y.. Chin's Urbanization and Employment in City for Rural Surplus Labor. Fujian Tribune, 2015, No.9.

2. Wang,X., Zhang, X.. China's Urbanization: Predicament and Solution --- An Empirical Study on Income, Employment, and Professional Education. Research on Development, 2016, No. 1.

Email: wangxiaoqin@hust.edu. cn

Wang Jian (Associate Professor)

Academic Areas: Western EconomicsDevelopment Economicspublic finance

Education: Doctor’s degree: Development Economics,Economic Development Research Center of Wuhan University (1999.9—2005. 7)

Representative Research Papers:

1. Wang Jian , “On the Role of the Chinese Government in Changing Property right system under the Globalization Changes”, Journal of Hubei University , 2006 ( 7 ) .

2. Wang Jian , “On the role of Our Government in the Informal Institutional Change”, Jianghan Tribune, 2006 ( 5 ) .

3. Wang Jian , “New progress of Institutional Change Theory", Journal of Economic Perspectives , 2006 ( 7 ) .

Email: ilijane@126.com

Tang Ying (Asistant Professor)

Academic Areas: Industrial Organization, Microeconomics, Econometrics

Education: M.A. and PhD in economics, University of Florida, 2013 and 2016

Course Taught:

1. Intermediate Microeconomics (for undergraduate students, at UF)

2. Mathematics for Economics and Business (for international undergraduate students, at HUST)

Email: tangying17@hust.edu.cn

Xu Jing (Asistant Professor)

Research Direction: Applied Microeconometrics, behavioral economics

Course Taught: macro-economics

Education Background: Cornell University PhD

Selected Publication:

1. “Contracting with Inequity-Averse Workers with Heterogeneous Productivities ”  

2. “Enriching Multi-round Tournament Theory”  2011

3. “Ex-ante and Ex-post Fairness Concern: An Experimental Evidence”  2012

Email: jinxu@hust.edu.cn

Xu Changsheng (Professor)

Research Direction: macroeconomics, development economics

Education Background: Wuhan University PhD

Email: chshxu@hust.edu.cn

Yao Sui (Assistant Professor)

Academic Areas: Western EconomicsDevelopment Economics

Education: Ph.D.  Huazhong University of Science and Technology1999-2003

Email: ecyaosui@gmail.com

Yi Ming (Assistant Professor)

Academic Areas: Macroeconomics, Appled Games, Health Economics, Mathematical Economics.

Academic Degrees: Ph.D. in Economics, Virginia Tech, 2014.

Selected Publication:

1. Jun Zhang, Chunping Zhong, Ming Yi, "Did Olympic Games Improve Air Quality in Beijing? Based on the Synthetic Control Method", Environmental Economics and Policy Studies 18(1): 21-39, 2016.

2. Ming Yi, Achla Marathe, "Efficiency versus Fairness of Vaccine Allocation Strategies", Value in Health 18(2):278-283, 2015.

3. Ming Yi, Achla Marathe, "Policy Trap and Optimal Subsidization Policy under Limited Supply of Vaccines", PLoS ONE 8(7): e67249, 2013.

Email: yiming@hust.edu.cn

Yang Jin (Assistant Professor)

Academic Areas: Agricultural economics

Academic Degrees: Zhejiang University, PhD

Selected Publication:

1. Yang J., Huang Z., Zhang X., Thomas R., 2013, "The Rapid Rise of Cross-Regional Agricultural Mechanization Services in China", American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 95(5), pp.1245-1251.

2. Zhang X., Yang J., Wang S., 2011, "China has reached the Lewis turning point", China Economic Review, 22(4), pp.542-554.

3. Zhang Xiaobo, Yang Jin, Thomas Reardon, 2017, Mechanization outsourcing cluster and division of labor in Chinese agriculture, China Economic Review, 43. pp.184-195.

Email: yj2015@hust.edu.cn

Ye Jinqi (Asistant Professor)

Academic Areas: Primary: Health Economics, Public Economics Secondary: Labor Economics

Education: Ph.D. Economics, Syracuse University, May 2016

Selected Publication:

1. "Testing for Sphericity in a Fixed Effects Panel Data Model with Time-Varing Variances" (with Bin Peng and Xinyuan Shen), Economics Letters, 2019, Vol.181, 85-89.

2. "The Spillover Effects of Health Insurance Benefit Mandates on Public Insurance Coverage: Evidence from Veterans" (with Xiaoxue Li), Journal of Health Economics,  2017, Vol.55, 45-60.

3. "The Effect of Health Savings Accounts on Group Health Insurance Coverage", Journal of Health Economics, 2015, Vol.44, 238-254.

4. "Health, Producation, and Utility: A Literature Review" (with Bin Peng and Junjie Wang), Chinese Health Economics (中国卫生经济), 2013, Vol.5, 8-10.

Email: yejinqi@hust.edu.cn

Zhang Weidong (Professor)

Academic Areas: Microeconomics, New Institutional Economics

Education: Ph.D Degree in Economics, Wuhan University, Wuhan, China, 1992.

Representative Research Papers:

1. Zhang Weidong and Zhao Cheng, 2012: The Expansion of “Structural Variables” and the Institutional Reform, Study and Practice(10)

2. Zhang Weidong: The Implications of Transferability for Resource Allocation: the Case of Rural Land in China, Workshop on Institutional Analysis, Berkely, California, September 9-13, 2011, The Ronald Coase Institute

Email: wdzhang1962@sina.com

Zhang Yuying (Assistant Professor)

Research Direction: development economics; macroeconomics

Education: HUST PhD

Email: zyyhust@hotmail.com

Long Yan (Associate professor)

Research Direction:Game Theory, Social Choice Theory, Mechanism Design, Microeconomic Theory

Education: University of Glasgow, )PhD

Email: ylong@hust.edu.cn

Sun Ya (Assistant Professor)

Research Direction:Health Economics, Public Economics, Applied Economics, Aging

      Education:Singapore Management University, PHD

      Email: jessicasunya@hust.edu.cn

      Duan Kun (Assistant Professor)

     Research Direction: Energy and Environmental Economics, Spatial Economics,Real Estate Economics and Finance, Macroeconomic policy transmission

     Education: University of Southampton, PhD


     Chen Bin (Professor)

     Research Direction: Industrial Economics, Western Economics

     Education: University of Hong Kong, PhD


2. Department of Finance

Shen Shulin (Asistant Professor)

Research Direction: econometrics; financial econometrics; property economics

Education: Syracuse University (Ph.D. in Economics)  

Publication: “Measuring the Diffusion of Housing Prices across Space and Over Time: Replication and Further Evidence”, with Jindong Pang, forthcoming, Journal of Applied Econometrics.https://doi.org/10.1002/jae.2607

Email: shen_shulin@hust.edu.cn

Cai Biqin (Asistant Professor)

Academic Areas: Econometrics; Time Series Analysis; Nonparametric Method; Financial Econometrics

Education Background: Xiamen University, PhD; 2013.8 Postdoc, Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics, Monash University


1. Nonparametric regression estimation for multivariate null recurrent processes, Econometrics, 2015, 3, 265-288, with Dag Tjostheim

2. A new class of bivariate threshold cointegration models, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 2017, 35(2), 288-305, with Jiti Gao and Dag Tjostheim

3. Time-varying skills (versus luck) in U.S. active mutual funds and hedge funds,  Journal of Empirical Finance, 2018, 49, 81-106, with Tingting Cheng and Cheng Yan.

Email: BiqingCai@hust.edu.cn

Fang Zhuangzhi (Associate Professor)

Academic Areas: International Finance, Real Estate Finance and Investment

Education: Ph.D. in economics from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 2004

Overseas Visiting and Training: Visiting scholar at Kelley School of Business of Indiana University in Bloomington, 2010-2011

Representative Research Papers:

1. Fang Zhuangzhi. Real Estate Pedagogy and Practice: Differences Between China and the U.S.. Benecki Center for Real Estate Studies Newsletter Vol.4, Issue1,Winter2011

2.Fang Zhuangzhi. “Macroeconomic Policy Gives the Incentives to the Housing Supply and Demand.” Theory and Practice. 2007(5)

Email: fzz112@sina.com

Jian Zhihong (Professor)

Research Direction: financial engineering; risk management; assets pricing

Education: HUST PhD

Representative Research Papers:

1. Jian Z, Deng P, Zhu Z. High-dimensional covariance forecasting based on principal component analysis of high-frequency data[J]. Economic Modelling, 2018, 75: 422-431. (SSCI收录)

2. Jian Z, Deng P, Luo K, Zhu Z. The Effect of Market Quality on the Causality between Returns and Volatilities: Evidence from CSI 300 Index Futures[J]. Journal of Management Science and Engineering, 2018, 3(1): 16-38. (SSCI收录)

3. Jian Z, Wu S, Zhu Z. Asymmetric extreme risk spillovers between the Chinese stock market and index futures market: An MV-CAViaR based intraday CoVaR approach[J]. Emerging Markets Review, 2018, 37: 98-113.

Email: jian2288@hotmail.com

Kong Dongming (Professor)

Academic Areas: Finance

Education: Doctor: Financial Economics, Business School, Sun Yat-sen University(2001. 9—2006. 7)

Representative Research Papers:

1. Do Efforts on Energy Saving Enhance Firm Values? Energy Economics, 2013, 40, 360-369.(with D. Ye and Shasha Liu)(SSCI, IF:2.344).

2. Investor Reactions to Food Safety Incidents: Evidence from the Chinese Milk Industry, Food Policy, 2013, 43, 23-31. (with Yunhao Dai and Maobin Wang)(SSCI, IF:2.054).

3. How Does CSR Affect Minority Shareholder's Participation in Corporate Governance? Journal of Business Economics and Management, 2013, 14(S1), 168-187.(SSCI, IF:2.388).

Email: kongdongmin@hotmail

Liang Min (Asistant Professor)

Academic Areas: InsuranceEconometrics

Courses TaughtProbability and StatisticsMaster,BachelorInsurance(Bachelor)

Email: liangminhust@163.com

Liu Fangchi (Associate Professor)

Academic Areas: Accounting, Finance

Education: 1986.9-1989.7 M.S East China Normal University  shanghai, P.R. China

Email: lfcwjmtt@public.wh.hb.cn

Ouyang Hongbing (Professor)

Academic Areas: Financial EconomicsFinancial Econometrics

Courses Taught:

Corporate FinanceMasterBachelor

Intermediate Financial TheoryBachelor

Commercial Bank ManagementBachelor

Education: Ph.D FinanceCity University of Hong Kong(2000.9—2003. 11)

Representative Research Papers:

1.Ouyang Hongbing , Su Haijun, Contagion Analysis Based on Correlation and Volatilities Driven by Hidden Markov Chain, Chinese Journal of Management, 20124):151-159.

2.Ouyang Hongbing, Fu YifuLiquidity Provision of the Limit Order Book on China’s Stock MarketsJournal of Management Science20124):91-99.

3.Ouyang Hongbing, Su Haijun, and Sun XiaotaoConsistency and Differences Between Volatility and Correlation and Stage Characteristics of the ContagionJournal of Quantitative and Technological Economics20122):139-151.

Email: ouyanghb@126.com

Peng Bin (Asistant Professor)

Academic Areas: Econometrics: Large Panel Data Models, Big Data/High Dimensional Statistics, Applied Econometrics Finance, International Trade and Development Economics, Health Economics, Chinese Economy

Education: 2016 Ph.D. in Economics, Syracuse University, U.S.


1. "Testing for Sphericity in a Fixed Effects Panel Data Model with Time-varying Variances" (with Xinyuan Shen and Jinqi Ye), 2019, Economics Letters, Vol, 181, 85-89.

2.“Testing Cross-sectional Correlation in Large Panel Data Models with Serial Correlation” (with Badi H. Baltagi and Chihwa Kao), 2016, 4,44.  Econometrics.

3. “Does the Bio-social Model Explain the Emergence of Status Differences in Conversations among Unacquainted Men ?" (with Allan Mazur and Keith Welker), 2015, Plos One, November.

Email: bpeng01@hust.edu.cn

Sun Yanlin (Professor)

Academic Areas: Industrial EconomicsFinanceEconometrics

Education: 1999.9--2005.6  ,PH.D in Economics,  Shool of Economics, HuaZhong University of Science and Technology

Representative Research Papers:

1. Model Time Varying Parameters VAR from Bayesian Perspective, Journal of Quantitative and Technical Economics, 2011.10

2. Empirical Ahalysis of Rational Rate of Investment in China, Statistical Research, 2000,8

3. Market Operation and Risk Prevention of Transforming Debts to Stockshares ,Economics Information, 2000,4

Email: sunyanlin@hust.edu.cn

Tang Qiming (Professor)

Academic Areas: Finance EconomicsEconometrics

Education: HUST PhD

Courses Taught:

Money and Banking Financial EconomicsEconometrics PHDMasterBachelor

Email: tqm@hust.edu.cn

Tian Yinghua (Associate Professor)

Academic Areas: Investment securities

Education: M.E. (Majored in Management Engineering), HUST, 1985.

Email: yinghuatian@sina.com

Wang Hong (Associate Professor)

Research Direction: finance; money and banking; international finance

Education: HUST PhD

Email: hongwang@hust.edu.cn

Wang Shaoping (Professor)

Academic Areas: Econometric theory; Applied econometrics; Chinese economic problems

Education: PhD Econometrics, School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University.

English papers:

1. A New Unit Root Test based on F-statistic in ESTAR Framework, Shaoping Wang, Jiyu Yu, forthcoming,2017.

2. Two simple tests of the trend hypothesis under time-varying variance, Yangyang, Shaoping Wang, working paper. 2017

3. PPP test for Asian countries and regions: new evidence from a wild bootstrap AESTAR test, Shaoping Wang, Yangyang, Applied Economic Letter, 25 Oct, 2016.

Email: wangshaoping@hust.edu.cn

Wei Jie (Asistant Professor)

Academic Areas: Econometrics, Nonparametrics methods and Microeconometrics

Education: Ph.D in Economics-University of California, Riverside, CA, USA 2014


1. “Censored Quantile Regression with Endogeneity in Functional Coefficient Models”,2015.

2. “Identification of First-Price Auctions with Entry”,2014.

3. “Inference of Risk Aversion in First-Price Auctions with Endogenous Entry ”,2013.

Email: Weijie@hust.edu.cn

Yang Jisheng (Professor)

Academic Areas: Econometrics; Panel Data Econometrics

Education: HUST PhD

Representative Research Papers:

1. JushanBai, Yuan Liao, Jisheng Yang, "Estimation of unbalanced panel data models with interactive effects",  forthcoming in Oxford Handbook of Panel Data Econometrics (Badi H. Baltagi ed.), Oxford University Press, 2014.

2. Shaoping Wang, Peng Wang, Jisheng Yang, Zinai Li, "A Generalized Nonlinear IV Unit Root Test for Panel Data With Cross-Sectional Dependence", Journal of Econometrics1572010101-109.

Email: yangjisheng770@163.com

Wen Kuangyu ( Associate Professor)

Research Direction: econometrics; risk management; agricultural economics

Education Background: Texas A&M UniversityPhD


1. Wen, Kuangyu and Ximing Wu. (2019). A Guided Nonparametric Goodness-of-fit Test with Application to Income Distributions. The Econometrics Journal, accepted.

2. Wen, Kuangyu and Ximing Wu. (2018). Transformation-Kernel Estimators of Copula Densities. Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, forthcoming.

3. Wen, Kuangyu and Ximing Wu. (2017). Smoothed Kernel Conditional Density Estimation. Economics Letters, 152:112-116.

4. Wen, Kuangyu and Ximing Wu. (2015). An Improved Transformation-based Kernel Estimator of Densities on the Unit Interval. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 110:773-783.

Email: wenkuangyu@hust.edu.cn

Zhang Xuegong (Asistant Professor)

Academic Areas: Finance, Economics

Education: PHDSchool of Economics, HUST (2003.9—2006.6.)

Representative Research Papers:

1. Subsidies, Finance Policy and Technology Innovations in Agricultural Listed Companies,Chinese rural economics, 20136):74-85

2. The impact of index futures trading on behavior of different stock index and the volatility of underlying index Chinese review of finance studies 2011(5):68-76

3. Identification and Adjustment of Additive Outerliers  in Financial Time SeriesValue Engineering20092):4-7

Email: zhxgong@hust.edu.cn

Zhou Shaofu (Professor)

Academic Areas: Quantitative Economics,Finance Economics


1997.9 to 2000.6 Department of Mathematics, Huazhong University of science and technology , probability and statistics professionals, postgraduate students, Doctor of Science.

Representative Research Papers:

1. Zhou Shaofu,Wang Wei,Dong Dengxin(2013). The analysis of the effect of human capital and transformation of industrial structure about economic growth. The Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics.

2. Zhou Shaofu,Zuo Xiuxia(2012). Bandwidth Selection of Time Trend Stationarity Test and Its Effects. Statistical Research

3. Zhou Shaofu,Qi Shouwei,Lu Zhongbao(2010). Region Difference, Urbanization and Urban-rural Income Gap. China Population Resources and Environment

Email: sf_zhou19633@163.com

Zuo Yuehua (Associate Professor)

Academic Areas: Finance marketing and financial analysis, industrial clusters

Education: 2003.9-2007.7 Ph.D. in Western Economics Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, P.R. China

Representative Research Papers:

1. Yuehua Zuo, The Formation, Life-cycle and Technology-Innovation Strategy of Chinese Industry ClustersInternational conference on product innovation management2008.10

2. Bo Li and Yuehua Zuo, A study on the Export Industrial Structure Change in China1996-2006, Chinese Journal of International Trade Vol.307(7): 3-8 (Jul. 2008)

3.Yuehua Zuo and Hongsheng Hu, The Formation, Development and Technology-Innovation Strategy of Industry Clusters. Chinse Science and Technology Management Research.

Email: glzuo@hust.edu.cn

Dai Yunhao (Associate Professor)

Research Direction: corporate finance

Education: HUST PhD


1. Dai Yunhao, Rau P. Raghavendra, Stouraitis Aris, Tan Weiqiang, 2019, "An ill wind? Terrorist attacks and CEO compensation", Journal of Financial Economics (SSCI)

       2. Dai Yunhao, 2019, "Taking your company global: The effect of returnee managers on overseas customers", China Finance Review International

       3. Dai Yunhao, Kong Dongmin and Liu Shasha. 2018, “Returnee Talents and Corporate Investment: Evidence from China”, European Accounting Review (SSCI)

Email: daiyunhao@hust.edu.cn

Chen Shun (Associate professor)

Research Direction:Assets Pricing, Financial Technology

Education:University of Illinois, PhD

Email: shunchen@hust.edu.cn

Gao Yang (Asistant Professor)

Resarch Direction: Assets pricing, Corporate Finance, Market Microstructure

Education: University of Sydney, PhD

Email: gao_yang@hust.edu.cn

Zhao Zhao (Associate professor)

Research Direction: Financial Econometrics

Education: HUST, PhD

Email: zhaozhao@hust.edu.cn

3. Department of International Trade

Chen Bo (Professor)

Academic Areas: International Trade, Economic Integration, China’s Economy

Education: 09/2003-11/2008 Ph.D. in Economics Simon Fraser University (SFU)


1. “Revisiting the Effective Rate of Protection in the Late Stages of Chinese Industrialization”, (with David Jacks and Hong Ma), Forthcoming in the World Economy (SSCI).

2. Bo Chen (with Yao Li and Yuming Yin) “FDI, Industry Heterogeneity, and Employment Elasticity in China”, (with Yao Li and Yuming Yin), Review of Development Economics(SSCI), Vol.20(1), pp189-200, 2016.

3. “Measuring China’s Trade Liberalization: A Generalized Measure of Trade Restrictiveness Index.” (with Hong Ma and Yuan Xu), Journal of Comparative Economics (SSCI)Vol.(42), pp 994-1006, 2014.

Email: Chenbo1947@gmail.com

Fan Hongzhong (Professor)

Academic Areas: Development Economics

Education: PHDSchool of Economics and Finance, Xi’an Jiaotong University(2002. 2—2005. 7)

Representative Research Papers:

1. A Hypothesis on effective Demand Size, R&D expenditure and national innovation capacity, Economic Research Journal,2007

2. The Ineffective of Public Policies and Excessive Concentration of Production and Population Economic Research Journal,2008

3. Lifetime of employment, Persistence of Laborers’Income and Ratio of Resident Consumption IN China, ChinaEconomicQuarterly,2013

Email: hongzhong@mail.hust.edu.cn

Fang Jing (Asistant Professor)

Academic Areas: Industrial EconomicsEconometricsInternational Economics

Education: Ph.D University of Minnesota, Department of Economics 2006.9 – 2011.8


1. Invention and Superstar Inventors: Evidence from China Patents, working paper, 2014

2. Country Size and Strategic Trade Policy: A Model of a Dominant Country Facing a Competitive Fringe, working paper, 2014

3. The Rise of China’s IQ (Innovation Quotient): Evidence from Firm-level Data, working paper, 2016

Email: jing_fang@hust.edu.cn

Li Zhaohua (Professor)

Academic Areas: International Trade Theory and Policy, International Business

Academic Degrees: PhD of Economics, School of Economics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Sept., 2001Nov., 2004.


1. Li, Z, Fu, W.. An Ecological Footprint Analysis on the Natural Resources Embodied in China’s Import and Export Trade. China Industrial Economics, 2013, No.9.

2. Li, Z, Wang, L.. The Flow of Natural Capital Embodied in China’s Foreign Trade and Its Determinants——Ecological Footprint Analysis based on I-O Model. China Industrial Economics, 2012, No.7.

3. Li, Z, Jiang, B.. The Effect of EU’s Green Barriers on China’s Toy Exports: Based on Panel Data from Ten EU Countries (1990-2006). China Economic Quarterly, 2009, 83.

Email: zhaohuali@hust.edu.cn

Liu Haiyun (Professor)

Academic Areas: International Economics, International Trade, International Investment and Transnational Corporations

Education: PHD: Management Science and Engineering, School of Management, Huazhong University of Science and Technology. (1995.9-1999.6)

Representative Research Papers:

1. Estimates of Welfare Gains from the Variety Growth of China’s Imports, International Economics and Trade Research, 2013(7)

2. Demographic dividend, Urbanization and the Development of China ’s Export Trade, Journal of International Trade,2013(6)

3. Empirical Study on the Impact of Institutional factors on China's outward foreign direct investment, Economist, 2012(6)


Luo Yong (Associate Professor)

Academic Areas: Industrial EconomicsRegional Economics

Education: Doctor of Economics, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, China, 2006

Representative Research Papers:

J1. Yong Luo, Ya Wang &Zuojun Fan (2013).Heterogeneous Human Capital, Regional Specialization and Income Disparity —From the Perspective of New Economic Geography.China Industrial Economics, (2):31-43.

J2. Yong Luo& Yu Li (2011).Implantation and Path Choice of Global Value Chain: Analyzing on Electronic.Reform, (11):110-119.

J3.Yong Luo&Yu Han(2011).An Analysis on the Industrialization of Heavy Industry of Hubei Province.Statistics and Decision, (19):129-131.

Email: cnrobinly@aliyun.com

Ma Shihui (Assistant Professor)

Academic Areas: Macroeconomics, Labor Economics, Chinese Economy

Academic Degrees: PhD of Economics, School of Economics, University of Minnesota, Sept., 2009June., 2015.

Working Papers:

1. “China’s College Expansion Policy and the Labor Market Effects”, January 2015

2. “Learning Your Earning over Business Cycles: Excess Consumption Volatility in Emerging Countries ”, with Zhen Huo

Email: shihuima@hust.edu.cn

Qiu Huifang (Associate Professor)

Academic Areas: International Trade, International Investment, Economic Geography

Education: Doctor, Economics School, Huazhong University of Science &Technology,       majoring in Economics, 2000.9-2004.7

Email: huifang_qiu@mail.hust.edu.cn

Wei Yingchun (Associate Professor)

Academic Areas: International EconomicsWorld EconomyInternational Business

Education: 2000.9--2005.6  ,PH.D ,  Shool of Economics, HuaZhong University of Science and Technology

Representative Research Papers:

1. Empirical Analysis on the Independence of Chinese Monetary Policy Relative to the U.S. Monetary Policy, Journal of International Trade, 2012.7

2. Empirical Ahalysis on Developing Trend and Determinants of International Competitiveness in China Manufacturing Industry, Journal of International Trade, 2010,3

3. The Evolution of Korean Policies to Attract Foreign Direct Investment and Reference to China, Journal of International Trade, 2007,10

Email: 771060472@qq.com

Wang Banban (Assistant Professor)

Academic Areas: Emissions Trading, Low-carbon Economics, Energy Economics

Academic Degrees: Ph.D. in Economics, Economics and Management School, Wuhan University (2011-2014)

Selected Publication:

1. Shaozhou Qi, Banban Wang, Jihong Zhang, 2014.“Policy design of the Hubei ETS pilot in China”, Energy Policy Vol 75, pp31-38 (corresponding author)

2. Shaozhou Qi, Banban Wang, 2013,”Fundamental issues and solutions in the design of China's ETS pilots: Allowance allocation, price mechanism and state-owned”, Chinese Journal of Population, Resources and Environment, Vol 11, pp 26-32

3. B. Wang, F. Jotzo, S. Qi, Ex-post cap adjustment for Chinas ETS: An applicable indexation rule, simulating the Hubei ETS, and implications for a national scheme, Climate Policy, forthcoming. (SSCI)

Email: Wangbanban@hust.edu.cn

Xing Fei (Associate Professor)

Academic Areas: Development EconomicsInternational Economics

Education: HUST PhD

Email: xingfei@hust.edu.cn

Xu Xiaoping (Associate Professor)

Academic Areas: International Business, Trade & Finance

Education: Ph.D in Economics, HUST, 2004; MA. In Economics, HUST, 1996; BA in English, CCNU, 1982

Representative Research Papers:

1. Rethinking the China-US Balance of Trade:1990-2005   iBusiness (2012-03)USA

2. Exchange Rate Regime Choices for China The Journal of American Academy of Business (2004-03)USA

3.“Objectives of Financial Reporting with Chinese Characters”, Chinese Business Review, USA,June.2006(6): 13-19

Email: jackxu@hust.edu.cn

Zhang Jianhua (Professor)

Academic Areas: Growth and development, the industrial economy, the international economy, Economics of innovation

Education: Ph.D. Economics,  Wuhan University (1993.9—1996.7)


1. Jianhua Zhang and Wen Cheng, Changes in Chinese Regional Industry Specialization during 1988 and 2007:a U-shaped Curve, CEDR-HSE 4th Joint Cnference “A Comparison of Industrial Structure and Economic Policy in China and Russia”,Sept22-24,2011,Wuhan China

2. M. Mahroof Khan, Jianhua Zhang, M.S. Hashmi,M.BS. Hashmi,Land Distribution,Technological Changes and Productivity in Pakistan’s Agriculture: some Explanations and Policy options,International Journal of Economics and Management Sciences, Vol.1, No.1, 2011, pp.51-74

3. M. Mahroof Khan, Jianhua Zhang,Input Elasticities and Sources of Growth in Pakistan's Agriculture International Journal of Business and Management Tomorrow,Vol.1,No.3,2011,pp.1-7

Email: jhzhanghust@163.com

Zhong Xiwei (Associate Professor)

Academic Areas: Industrial EconomicsInternational EconomicsDevelopment Economics

Overseas Visiting and Training:

Post-doc research fellow at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (08/2005-08/2007)

Visiting scholar at Institute of Economic Investigations, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (03/2003-04/2004)

Representative Research Papers:

1.Zhong Xiwei, Chen Xiaohui, Whether China's Position in the International Division of Labor has Improved——Studies Based on the Perspective of Technology Content of China’s Exports, International Business, 2013(1).

2. Zhong Xiwei, Zhu Mengxing.“Technology Contents of Brazil’s Exports and the Impacts on Economic Growth-Studies Based on Dynamic Panel Data under SITC-3 Digit Level”, International Trade Journal, 2012(8)

3. Zhong Xiwei, Zeng Anle. “From Peripheral to Core: A Historial Review”, 2008(8). Journal of Latin –American Studies20085

Email: dianazxw@126.com

Zhou Jishun (Assistant Professor)

Academic Areas: International trade and world economy

Education: September, 2013-July, 2016, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law Doctor in Economics


[1] Li Xiaoping, Wang Shubai and Zhou Jishun, The Changes of Carbon Productivity and the Evolution of Export Quality, The Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics,2014, (9):22-43.

[2] Li Xiaoping Zhou Jishun, Lu Xianxiang and Lu Jiukai, Does the Export Product Quality Affect the Export Volume?, Economic Research Journal, 2015, (8):114-129.

[3] Li Xiaoping, Zhou Jishun and Wang Shubai, The Evolution of Chinese Manufacturing Export Complication and Economic Growth, World Economy, 2015(2):31-57.

Email: zjs@hust.edu.cn

He Chuan (Assistant Professor)

Research Direction: labour economics, Health Economics, applied econometrics

Education Background: University of California, Davis, PhD

Email: chhe_econ@163.com

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