Opening Ceremony of HUST CI-UFMG Online Camp: Contemporary China Held

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On the evening of January 12th, Opening Ceremony of HUST CI-UFMG Online Camp: Contemporary China held successfully. Barbara Orfano, Dean of Confucius Institute at Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), Ouyang Hongbing, Vice Dean of School of Economics at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), Gao Xiang, Vice Dean of School of International Education at HUST attended the ceremony. It was presided over by Chen Jing, Vice Dean of Confucius Institute at UFMG.

In her welcome speech,Barbara Orfano expressed gratitude to the guests, teachers and students who attended ceremony. She noted,HUST andUFMG collaborated on many aspects. Despite unprecedented challenges, both of us will continue to create “best moment” in this dark moment with non-stop effort. Especially, Barbara mentioned HUST and UFMG combated virus hand in hand during Covid-19 outbreak. Experience sharing and mask donation built a strong bond between HUST and UFMG. Joint effort made HUST CI-UFMG Online Camp possible, and she hoped students can grasped this chance to expand horizon and gain knowledge.

Gao Xiang remarked that language is the best key to know a country. As a platform of Chinese language teaching and learning, Confucius Institute is a window to showcase a full picture of China and a bridge to boost sino-foreign cooperation and understanding. He introduced,Confucius Institute at UFMG has been committed to Chinese language teaching and cultural exchanges since its establishment in 2013, and HUST CI-UFMG Online Camp encompassed a variety of topics, such as Chinese language, Chinese culture, economics, philosophy, which offers an opportunity for students to know modern China comprehensively.

Julia Resende, student representative from Confucius Institute at UFMG, delivered a speech in Chinese. She showed great enthusiasm for Chinese language learning. Chinese language learning not only gave her a deeper understanding of China and Chinese culture, but also unleashed her potential. She was extremely looking forward to HUST CI-UFMG Online Camp, and conveyed gratitude to HUST and UFMG for providing this chance.

The first lecture of HUST CI-UFMG Online Camp started after Chen Jing announced opening. Dr. Jia Xiao from School of Economics at HUST gave a lecture on Capital Markets in China. Her vivid introduction to different financial markets in China bring a fascinating lecture to students. The lecture was hosted by Ouyang Hongbing.

HUST CI-UFMG Online Camp: Contemporary China combines Chinese language teaching and lectures on Chinese economic development to strengthen cultural exchanges and collaboration between HUST and UFMG.

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