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Dear international students,

This is a very special semester to all of us. We have not seen each other in HUST and Eco-building in this spring until now. But virus cannot prevent us from gaining knowledge continuously and keeping optimistic progressively. Learning something new is also a good way to respond panic and stress. The following content, including several websites, APPs and documentaries, may guide you a way.

1. Chinese Learning

Even though some of you are not in China now, don’t forget to insist making your Chinese perfect. International students’ favorite Chinese teacher, Ms Fangfang, recommends one App and one Website to learn Chinese online.

Aha Chinese is launched by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, an authoritative publishing company in China. On the top right of the picture, you can find the account and password, which allow you free to learn. Survival Chinese and HSK Vocabulary are the two most recommended columns.

Confucius Institute Online is constructed by Ministry of Education, China. It covers a large range of Chinese courses and you can choose what you like.

2. Online Major Courses

On most online comprehensive course websites, Economics can be found. The following websites are recommended by a PhD students in our school, Zou Jianwen, and hope it will help you.

edX is a free online course project jointly created by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The purpose is to establish a shared education platform jointly developed by the world's top universities, improve the quality of teaching, and promote online education. Currently, it has more than 900,000 registered users.

Coursera is a large open online course project founded by two computer science professors at Stanford University. It aims to cooperate with the world's top universities to provide online public courses. Coursera's first collaborating institutions include Stanford University, University of Michigan, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania and other famous universities

3. Online Programming Training

Data Camp offers interactive R, Python, SQL and Shell courses covering all topics in data science, statistics and machine learning. Learn from a team of experts with video lessons, fun programming challenges and projects.

Through the website below, you will learn how to use stata.

4.China: Time of Xi

This is a documentary from Discovery Channel in America. China: Time of Xi gets under the skin of Xi Jinping's China to discover what's changing in the country, what China's unique experience could offer the world, and what drives the man himself.

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